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Where is the orifice tube on a 2002 Chevy Suburban?


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Located in front of the radiator on the passenger side in the condensor line.


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I have 1998 chev suburban with rear air do they use two orifice tubes

2002 ford taurus where is the orifice tube located

Most orifice tubes are placed in the high pressure line to the evaporator at the fire wall connection. You will have to empty the freon from the system to replace the orifice tube which is not very expensive (the tube, that is).

it is located inside the coupler between the high side and low side fittings on the passenger side of the engine compartment

location of orfice tube in a 1999 chevy malibu On your 1999 Malibu the expansion (orifice) tube is located at the condenser to evaporator connection in the evaporator tube.

On some suburbans its at the connection behind passenger turn signal.

Yes but, it is called an orifice tube.

If its a single evaporator unit (front air only). then it is probably located in the condensor. If it is a dual unit (front and back), the front orfice tube will probably be after the "Y" in the compressor high pressure line, and prior to the accumulator. The rear unit does not use an orifice, but rather a Thermal expansion valve.

It should be behind the right front turnsignal.

orfice is located under brake booster

Yes it does; but I'm not sure of the location. They can be difficult to find.

it is located in the bottom line under the accumulator

does a 1992 Chevy 2500 2wd differential have a vent tube

there isn't an orfice tube it has an expansion valve which is located on the inlet of the evaporator

Many GM vehicles put the AC orifice tube right after the condenser coil. It would typically be near the bottom, almost connected to the condenser. My '99 Suburban AC orifice is located in the line that runs across the passenger side inner-fender. There is a union very close to the innermost edge of the battery tray. Break that union (after relieving pressure) and you will find it there.

This website has the answer

A 1987 Dakota uses an expansion valve, not an orifice tube.A 1987 Dakota uses an expansion valve, not an orifice tube.

It uses an expansion valve, not an orifice tube.

The orifice tube is located between the engine and the fire wall. The windshield wiper cowling has to be removed to gain access to the orifice tube.

it's in the high pressure side of the ac line

In the inlet line on the evaporator core. It is the smaller one.

passanger side of radiator. inside the aluminum tube. has a nut on it to take apart for the orifice tube

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