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It was burned in a library fire.

that is not true. there was a fire in the library, though Beowulf was injured, it did survive the fire.

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How many copies of the Beowulf manuscript exist?

none there is no copies of the beowulf manuscript

Why is Beowulf important?

Beowulf is important because it is the oldest English manuscript.

Where is the manuscript of Beowulf kept?

the beowulf manusript is kept in the london museum! :) ;) ^-^

When was the manuscript of Beowulf first discovered?

1857 :)

The earliest known manuscript of Beowulf was probably transcribed by?

The single manuscript of Beowulf dates to the late 10th or early 11th century. It was most likely transcribed by monks.

What happened to the Beowulf manuscript in 1731?

It was burned down by a fire that damaged the manuscript and some were completely destroyed.

How many pages are there in the Beowulf manuscript?

There are 3,428 pages to the script.

Who transcribed earliest known manuscript of Beowulf?

Christian scribes

Who transcribed wrote down the earliest known manuscript of Beowulf?

Christian scribes

How did the Beowulf manuscript survive?

it survived a really tragic insident that was a huge avalanche.

When was the poem Beowulf written?

Scholars disagree about when the poem Beowulf was composed. It was written down on a manuscript in the eleventh century so the date was before that.

When do most scholars believe Beowulf is written?

The Nowell Codex, which is the manuscript containing the poem Beowulf, is believed to have been made sometime in the 10th or early 11th centuries. As for the poem itself, it is impossible to tell exactly when it was composed. The fact that it draws on both the traditions of pagan Scandinavia and Christianity indicates that it was crafted over generations before being entered into the manuscript we have today.

The earliest known manuscript of Beowulf was probably transcribed written down by?

scribes who copied it from another source.

What is the name of a author's original copy of a book?


Where do you find the original manuscript of the bible?

At the Jewish Museum

What happened to the original manuscript Of Mice and Men?

The original manuscript in which John Steinbeck wrote was chewed up by the family puppy at the time. Therefore he had to start again as it was written free hand - this was the real original.

What is the meaning of briefing manuscript?

A manuscript is a term used to describe an author's original text. This can be a book or just simply handwriting. A briefing manuscript would be text used to brief someone.

In what dialect was the original Manuscript of the Canterbury Tales written in?

Middle English

Does Beowulf die in the book Beowulf?

In the original poem, he dies an old king, trying to defend his people from a marauding dragon.

What happens in the original Beowulf poem?

nothing you stupid person

What does p.s.?

In letter or note writing, it means post script (after the manuscript or original writing).

Is there an original manuscript of the Torah scroll?

No, however, there are copies that are over 2100 years old.

What is the approximate age of Beowulf?

The oldest known copy of the epic poem Beowulf is dated to between 975 and 1025. This makes the manuscript itself between 1039 and 989 years old. The events in the poem take place in the 5th century.

Was Beowulf written by a roman occupant of Britain?

Although the author of Beowulf is completely unknown, the manuscript describes historical events which took place at the end of the 5th century, while the Romans left Britain around 410 AD. It is impossible.

How many original copies of Beowulf exist?

One and only one