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I have a 1996 Prizm LSI and the OD switch is a small round button on the side of the shift lever. You could have accidentally switched it off and that is why you get the light.

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Why doesn't your 1995 Geo Metro shift into overdrive?

Could be a bad overdrive solenoid switch or relay. No, I don't know where they are on this car.

Why wouldn't the O D OFF light appear on the instrument cluster when you turn off the overdrive on a 1994 Geo Prizm with an automatic transaxle with overdrive?

It could be because the bulb is burned out ot he wire is disconnected.

Where is overdrive switch located in 1997 altima?

Overdrive switch is located on the gear shift stick, just below the handle. You could toggle with your right thumb to see if the O/D light comes on when pressed.

In a 2000 Hyundai elantra you have every gear exept overdrive what could be the problem?

Could be the overdrive on/off switch, which is located on the gearshift handle. That's all the help I can give you, best of luck.

When you engage the overdrive then after a few seconds it starts to flick on the dash board what will be the problem?

If engaging the overdrive and then after a few seconds it starts to flick on the dash board the likely problem will be that the overdrive is no longer working properly. Also, this could indicate a battery being dead.

What could be keeping a 1990 Volvo 240 series from going into overdrive?

Overdrive relay switch behind the middle air vents..... Manual Transmission: the wires sometimes break if it is the type with the button on the gear/knob/ stick........... if it is a manual transmission.......the switch on the gearbox which tells when 4th gear is engaged can be faulty.....and will not allow the overdrive to engaged.

The fuel consumption of my Atos 1.0 is terribly high. Could anyone enlighten me on the purpose of the overdrive and when to use the on and off overdrive switch?

check the injection , and go for tuning. the tuning might be off

How do you remove and replace OD switch on floor shift lever on 97 Taurus?

I just took my 97 in to have the switch fixed. Not only was the switch not the problem but is worst now. The overdrive will not shut off and the ford dealer charged me 800 dollars to break the overdrive. Make sure you have a switch problem. I could not find much information in my manual which is why I took it to the dealer who then shafted me.

How do you get the overdrive to work on your 98 ford expedition?

I have a 99. how do you turn OD off, with wiper control stick button? Is so, could be a fuse or switch.

Why will transmission shift into overdrive but wont stay in overdrive 1996 Chevy 3500?

The transmission for the 1996 Chevy 3500 could be jumping from overdrive for several reasons. The transmission could have a vacuum or electrical problem causing it to come out of overdrive. Or, there could be an internal valve problem causing this to happen.

Why won't my 2002 expedition overdrive light go off?

If the overdrive light won't go off or it flashes this indicates a transmission problem. It could be a matter of replacing the shift solenoids or an entire rebuild. You might try pulling the codes and see if any of them indicate a transmission problem.

Why won't your 2001 Chevy Prizm start?

There could be many reasons why a 2001 Chevrolet Prizm will not start. A few reasons could be a bad starter, bad plugs, no gas, or a bad sensor.

Why does your 93 maxima kick in and out of overdrive only sometimes?

overdrive could be ready to go out might be the cluthes

Can you change 3 speed auto transmission to auto overdrive?

No. Three speeds are normally without overdrive. There may be another transmission that you could replace it with to get overdrive.

Why is the button not working on automatic gearshift Nissan 300ZX to allow car to go into overdrive?

I just read on another site, that the switch is controlled by the engine temp. It will not allow the Z to go into overdrive if the car is not up to temp. Could be the t-stat is stuck open or the engine temp switch is bad. Research engine temperature controls. Just a place to start.

Your signals dont work on a Geo Prizm 1995 what could it be?

bad bulbs

If its not the shift solenoids what could prevent the transmission from shifting into third gear and overdrive?

If your transmission is not shifting into third gear and overdrive it could be a parking pawl. This prevents the transmission from rotating.

Why my 1989 Ford Thunderbird auto transmission does not work in overdrive?

First the gear could be out. The other issue could be with the linkage itself in the transmission thus it won't go into overdrive.

Why won't a 1992 Nissan Maxima go into overdrive when all other gears are working?

The reason that it wont go into overdrive is because a short in the shift solenoid or possibly if car is equipped with power comfort option the shift trigger in the switch could be dirty or faulty or simply low manifold pressure.

Why will your 1992 dodge diesel automatic transmission NOT shift into overdrive?

if the speedo is also not working it could be a vss problem or an issue with the gear or square shaft where speedometer hooks to tranny/ if speedo works just no overdrive there is a temp sensor on the tranny that can keep od from working or may be wiring issue with factory od on/off switch

Did a Dodge Ram van 1996 come without overdrive?

It could have.

Why the overdrive light turn on and off constantly?

Your overdrive light could be faulty. You should check your fused and replace the one associated with the overdraft button.

How do you know whether your 98 Chevy Prizm has a three or four speed automatic transmission?

Count the number of times it shifts. You could also ask a Chevy dealer, or do a Google search with the term "1998 Chevy Prizm Specifications". You should be able to look at the shift indicator and count them. Park, Neutral and Reverse don't count, Does it have 1 2 3 D, 1 2 D OD, or just 1 2 D? A 98 Prism with overdrive (4 spd automatic) will have a thumb buton on the shift handle to enable or disable it. Prism w/o overdrive will not have the thumb button. When disabled, you will also see "overdrive off" in amber on the dashboard. Also, If you look at the pan, the 4 speed will have 18 bolts, the 3 speed, 15 bolts

Use the word indicate in a sentence?

The strip could indicate the presence of certain chemicals.

When should you use the overdrive switch in a Toyota?

You could use the overdrive all the time, it cuts down on fuel consumption, with no major noticeable effect on power. If you choose to keep it off... You will need to turn it on when cruising above 40-45 MPH, it's actually the higher gear on the Automatic Transmission, very similar to 5th gear on stick shift.

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