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Where is the oxygen sensor in a 1995 Saturn SL?


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2005-11-10 23:38:53
2005-11-10 23:38:53

There is one right in front usually in the exhaust manifold. You may have a secondary one behind the catalytic converter. There is only one sensor until 1996. This is according to the Haynes 1991-1999 Auto Repair Manual.


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were is crankshaft sensor located in 2001 Saturn l300

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I'm guessing you are asking about the Saturn SL, since Saturn doesn't make an LS.The fuel tank on a 1995 Saturn SL holds approximately 12.8 gallons.

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Engine coolant temperature switch/sensor

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The 2002 Saturn IAT sensor can be found on the top of the engine. The IAT sensor will be near the injector fuel pump.

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S-series has two. One on the manifold and one after the CAT. 22mm is the size of the one on the manifold IIRC. A wrench will work, or a special socket set with ratchet will also work.

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