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Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1992 VW Jetta 1.8L?


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your oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust pipe right in front of the catylitic convertor. the easiest way to find it is to follow the wire bsck from the firewall it will probably a shielded black wire probably with a foil like sleeve. to change it simply unscrew the old one (make sure to unplug it first), then replace it with a new one plug it back in then reset the light by pressing the white button on the small box that the sensor plugs into.

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the oxygen sensor is located in/on the exhaust manifold.it looks like a spark plug with a wire coming out of the top

To answer this i will need to know whatsize engine you have.

unplug the connector, remove the oxygen sensor, it is located under the vehicle at the catalytic converter. install new oxygen sensor, plug in connector. done.

The 1992 Toyota Camry number two oxygen sensor is located on the outside of the air cleaner housing. The sensor will be on the back of the housing.

How do you change oxygen sensor in 1992 Toyota corolla? Is there a model engine 4A-FE without a oxygen sensor?

it will be located somewhere on the exausht pipe after the manifold approx

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In the exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe and is accessible from under the hood

In a 1992 Volkswagen Jetta, the fuel pump relay is located on the bottom row of the fuse panel. It is the fuse on the far right.

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A wiring diagram for the oxygen sensor on the 1992 Civic can be found at your local auto parts store. Haynes sells a manual for the 1992 Civic with a diagram included in it.

The oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust manifold before the catalytic convertor. If you look down between the radiator and the exhaust manifold a few inches before the exhaust pipe connects to the exhaust manifold you will see the Oxygen sensor. The sensor will have 2 wires coming from it and it kinda looks like a sparkplug stuck into the exhaust manifold. There is 2 nuts that hold the oxygen sensor into the exhaust manifold.

1992 Chevy trucks did not have a CAM SENSOR. They had a distributor.

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Oxygen sensor or lambda sensor is situated in the exhaust pipe in front of the catalyst. Disconnect from loom and unscrew with large spanner.

the 02 sensor has nothing to do with gas mileage. it sipley is a sensor that reads the oxygen level in your exhaust for emissions.

The oxygen sensor is on the Right side (passenger)exhaust look under the vehicle and you will see it. On my 93 Blazer it is located in the pipe leading to the muffler right after the left and right pipes meet and it is on the top of the pipe pointing at the floorboard.

There is only one oxygen sensor on '92 Saturns and it is located on the exhaust manifold right under the hood.

Oxygen sensors are located in exhaust manifolds or in exhaust pipes before and after the converters in most cars depending on the year of the vehicle take the manifold loose from the engine and it is inside it

That year model did not use are have a crank sensor.

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