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The oxygen sensor on a 1994 Chevy truck is on the drivers in the exhaust pipe right next to the manifold pointed twards the cab or the transmission.

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Q: Where is the oxygen sensor on a '94 Chevy pickup truck with 350 v8 half ton 4x4?
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Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1994 Chevy pickup truck with 350 v8 2wd?

It is in the exhaust pipe up by the engine exhaust manifolds.

Will a transmission from a 1994 Chevy pickup truck fit in a 1993 Chevy pickup truck?

Yes it will

Where is the oxygen sensor location for a 98 Chevy k1500 truck?

The oxygen sensor on a 98 Chevy K1500 truck is located in the exhaust manifolds. It monitors oxygen levels in the exhaust gases and allows the computer to make adjustments for optimal performance.

Where is oxygen sensor Nissan pickup?

If the Nissan truck is either a V6 or a V8, the oxygen sensor will be located in the manifold. Sometimes it will be placed just below the manifold.

Where is the vehicle speed sensor located on a 1994 Chevy silverado truck?

The vehicle speed sensor, on your 1994 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, is located on the back of the transmission. The speed sensor is labeled as such.

How old is my 2000 Chevy pickup truck?

Your 2000 Chevy pickup truck is 14 years old as of 2014.

Where is the crankshaft positon sensor located on a 2003 Chevy pickup truck?

It is behind the starter, You will have to remove starter to service it,

Where is the oxygen sensor plugin on a Dodge pickup truck?

It resides just past the catalytic converter. Underneath the truck about where the passenger would sit.

Where could one purchase a Chevy pickup truck?

There are many places where one can purchase a Chevy pickup truck. One can purchase a Chevy pickup truck at popular on the web sources such as Auto Trader and eBay Motors.

Where is the NOx sensor located on a 1987 Chevy truck?

the oxygen sensor is in the exhaust manifolds, there should be one for each side

Where is oxygen sensor on 94 Toyota pickup?

it is on under the truck on the exhaust pipe right under the drivers door

Just put headers on my truck and it does have a place for o2 sensor.Do you have to have a o2 sensor on 87 Chevy pickup 305 engine?

If that truck is fuel injected, yes.

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