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Where is the pcv valve located in the 2004 dodge neon sx 20?


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2006-10-23 04:47:33
2006-10-23 04:47:33

On the driver side of the valve cover, threaded into the valve cover. See attached pic.


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The PCV valve on the 2004 Dodge Neon is located on the driver's side of the valve cover. It is a black plastic that matches the plastic of the valve cover. Just look for the hose that leads out of it into the intake manifold. It is easily removed by unscrewing it.

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A dodge neon does not have a heater valve. The inside temp is adjusted with an airflow control door inside the dash.

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It is on the top of the valve cover.

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One a 1998 Dodge Neon, the EGR valve is located on the rear side of the head, on the right. EGR valves are relatively easy to remove, but care must be taken not to damage the wires.

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