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Under the intake plenum

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Q: Where is the pcv valve located on a 1992 Toyota Pickup 6-cylinder?
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Where is the PCV Valve in a 1994 Toyota pickup?

smack in the middle of the valve cover

Where is the PVC value on an 1987 Toyota pickup?

It's on the valve cover

Where on 300 6cylinder of a 1989 ford f 150 where is the idle air control valve located?

on the side of the throttle body.

Would a clogged EGR valve cause a 1979 Toyota pickup to stall?

no it will not...

Where is the ac recharge valve on 89 Toyota pickup?

On the top of the ac compressor.

Where is the expansion valve on a 1990 Toyota pickup?

Do you mean the expansion valve for the A/C? That is near the evaporator under the dashboard.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1997 Toyota Rav4?

The PCV valve is located on top of the valve cover in the middle.

Where is a thermostat located in a 1987 Toyota Pickup?

The Thermostat is located to the pasenger side of the Valve cover, just folow your upper radiator hose back and it will be in the housing that the hose conects too.

What are the valve adjustment for a 1995 Toyota 22RE Pickup?

8 intake 12 exhaust ????

Where is the PCV valve located on 98 Toyota Camry and how to replace it.?

Where is the PCV valve located on 97 Toyota Camry and how to replace it.Read more: Where_is_the_PCV_valve_located_on_97_Toyota_Camry_and_how_to_replace_it.

Where is the idle control valve located on an 89 S-10 pickup?

The 1989 Chevrolet S 10 pickup idle control valve is located on the side of the engine. You will find the valve below the fuel injector pump.

Where is the pcv valve located on a 1988 Toyota v6 sr5 pickup?

it should be on the passenger side valve cover under all the bull crap they have there. it might be easier to reach up under the wheel well to find it

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