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Where is the pcv valve on a 2000 V8 Lincoln LS?

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August 08, 2005 8:58PM

I was just told where the PCV valve(s)are on my 2000 Lincoln LS by the Service representative of my local Ford dealer. Apparently there are two PCVs. Each is an integral part of the valve cover(s). They tell me that they cannot be replaced without replacing the complete covers. (What a bad design ?). I am finding all this all out the hard way. They tell me that both PCVs are carboned up and plugged. That in turn has created backpressure in the engine and under the valve covers. This has resulted not only in blowing the seals (gaskets?) on the valve covers, but also in filling up one of the plug wells with oil (yes, the spark plugs are under the covers on the LS), and caused a misfiring of the sparkplug. I have been experiencing this misfiring at certain engine speeds during the last few weeks. Also, there has been a faint smell of oil fumes coming from the engine recently. The repair is going to consist of 2 new Covers (c/w PCV valves), new spark plugs, and at least one sparkplug coil. Estimated Cost of repair : $1,100 !! Anyone have any comments ?