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in the chest/ breast
The pectoralis major muscles are found in the chest. One on each side of the sternum. They adduct the arms.

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Q: Where is the pectoralis major muscle located?
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What is a muscle located on the chest wall?

Pectoralis major

Where is the perctoralis muscle?

there are two muscles with pectoralis in their name, Pectoralis Major and Pectoralis Minor. Pectoralis Major is the main muscle of the chest and pectoralis minor is deep to it (so you can't feel it because pectoralis major completely covers it)

Is there a muscle deep to pectoralis major?

Pectoralis minor.

Which muscle lies deep to the pectoralis major?

pectoralis minor and subclavius muscle.

What is the throwers muscle?

Pectoralis major

Is the heart superficial to the pectoralis major?

The heart is deep to the pectoralis major. That muscle is superficial to the heart.

Is a pectoralis major muscle a heart muscle?

No, it is not. It is the large chest muscle.

What is the superficial muscle of the chest?

major pectoralis

What is the opposing muscle of the pectoralis major?

the trapezius

Pectoralis major is a major muscle of the?

shoulder horizontal flexion

What is the scientific name of the chest muscle?

There are two muscles, the pectoralis minor and the pectoralis major.

Where are the pectoralis located?

The pectoralis is two muscles, major and minor, and they are both located on the chest.

Damage to the pectoralis major muscle would prevent what?

the shin muscle

What chest muscle in cats are the largest?

The largest chest muscle in a cat's body is the pectoralis minor. In humans, the largest chest muscle if the pectoralis major.

What is the synergist to the pectoralis major muscle?

deltoids and tricep

What is an antagonistic muscle to the pectoralis major?

latissimus dorsi

What muscle flexes the neck on the chest?

Pectoralis Major

What is the muscle that raises and lowers the ribs?

pectoralis major

Is the heart deep to the pectoralis major muscle?


Is the pectoralis major a convergent muscle?

yes! xx.

Which muscle is not part of the shoulder girdle group?

Pectoralis major

Where in the human body do you find the pectoralis major muscle?


What muscle forms the anterior border of the axilla?

Pectoralis major

Which muscle lies just deep to the breast?

pectoralis major

What muscle do you use to do a push up?

pectoralis major and triceps