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Where is the petcock for the transmission fluid on my 95 Saab 900s?


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2008-01-16 13:17:39
2008-01-16 13:17:39

There is none. Transmission pan must be removed to drain fluid.

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The manual transmission drain plug is located on the rear of the transmission housing. It is an 8mm hex nut.

The transmission range sensor is located underneath the battery and battery tray on the left side of the transmission. It connects to a wire harness and from there to the transmission it self.

Like all cars, Saab 900s have brakes. The calipers are part of the braking system. The braking system was basically the same on all Saab 99s and 900s from 1975 to 1987. What's the question?

Presuming you are asking about the 5-speed and not the automatic.It is on the bottom of the transmission, and is recessed. It requires a special tool.Later 900s did not have a drain plug for the transmission.

There is no transmission filter on the Saab 9-5 Automatic. It is recommended to do 3 separate fluid changes at about 1 week intervals to change out most of the old fluid with new.

It is Attached to the oil filler cap

unscrew bolts and take out.

That SAAB is so old that it does not matter much, get the best (most expensive) that you can reasonably afford. The motor and manual transmission should get a mineral 10W-40 An automatic transmission TEXAMATIC 9330 If you have a diferential: MULTIGEAR MTF 75W-80W

There is no radiator cap on the radiator of the 1994 Saab 900S. there is a coolant reservoir on the drivers side by the shock mount, it is partially see through and you should be able to see the coolant inside, it has a large screw on cap.

in the dipstick tube at the front of the engine, just behind the radiator.

Front of the engine right behind the radiator.

Just use ATF automatic or MTF manual tranny fluid

The transmission dipstick is located on the front of the transmission and is accessible from underneath the car. It is green in color and held in by a retaining bolt.

It could be transmission fluid or coolant, or a problem with the catalytic converter.

Its hard to answer if you dont meantion which parts

Depends on the year and the engine. Under the exhaust manifold or under the intake manifold.

How do you remove a Saab 9.5 transmission

check this site out .

Nope. They're completely different. The 1994 Saab 900 has an engine oriented fore-and-aft. The transmission is in the oil pan. There are a lot of other differences, but for now this is enough. The 1999 Saab 900 has a transverse engine like most other front-wheel-drive cars, and the transmission is bolted to the end of the engine. One big advantage of the old layout is the clutch replacement procedure. Instead of having to remove the engine or transmission to get at the clutch, on a classic Saab 900 all you need do is remove a plastic cover.

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