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Where is the plug in cord on a 2000 F150?


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2005-12-30 17:22:17
2005-12-30 17:22:17

look on lower radiator hose, or under exhaust manifolds in the frost plugs. ona diesel the heater looks like a spark plug by the oil filter


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To replace the cord for a block heater on a 2000 Malibu, unplug the old cord from the block and plug in the new one. The end of the block heater cord can be found by tracing the cord back to where it is plugged into the motor.

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The spark plug wiring diagram for a 2000 F-150 can be found in its service manual. The service manual is available from Ford.

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sparkplug placement for 97 f150 4.6

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in your USB cord plug-in

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