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To get a positive you can go straight from the battery or the fuse box. To ground the CB you should ground it to the body being sure you have a connection to bare metal. A better way is to run a cable, along withe the positive side, directly to the battery. If you run power or ground to the fuse box and a short occurs, you may knock out important systems on the vehicle. Best go directly to the battery, with in-line fuses on both sides of the line.

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Q: Where is the positive or negative lead and the ground on a CB radio?
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How do you tell which battery lead is positive or negative?

The negative should lead to the frame, block, or body. The positive will lead to the starter and fuses.The negative should lead to the frame, block, or body. The positive will lead to the starter and fuses.

On a 12 volt positive ground dc system how do you charge the battery?

You basically just reverse the charger's leads, attaching the positive lead to the `ground side' (chassis) and the negative lead to the negative connection on the battery. I'm assuming of course that you're referring to a British made automobile.

How do i wire a 12 volt cigarette lighter plug on to a device like a

On American cars the positive lead from your cigarette lighter is in the center of your socket. The adapter plug has the positive lead on the tip of the adapter and the negative lead on the side of the adapter. You need to use a volt-ohm meter to find out which wire comes from each lead. (You may be able to open the adapter and follow the wires that way).On the c.b. radio the positive lead should be red. This will connect to the positive lead on the adapter. The black lead on the c.b. radio is the negative lead. This will attach to the negative lead on the adapter.P.S. Usually the adapter will have a fuse built into it to protect from incorrect wiring.

0n an LED what are the names of the positive and the negative leg?

Anode and cathode. Anode = negative lead, cathode = positive lead.

How do you test a car battery by removing the ground wire?

Put the red test lead on the positive and the black test lead on the negative post of the battery and see the result.

What does it mean when i have no fire but i changed out my ignition coil and my pick up coil inside the distributor on a 1987 ford bronco 302 v8 fi?

Your coil has a positive and negative side and if there is no power to the positive side you will not have any spark: However, if you have no ground to the negative side you will have the same problem. Check for power and ground with a volt meter.To check for power, connect red lead from volt meter to positive side of coil and black lead to negative side of battery, you should read 12 volts with key on. To check ground, connect black lead from volt meter to negative side of coil and red lead to positive side of battery, you should read 12 volts with key on.

Is the negative terminal the ground?

yes the negative terminal is the ground. also it is the black lead that goes to it

What is chasis ground?

Chassis Ground is your entire vehicle metal structure. The negative side of all electronic components and controls (radio, ignition, lights, etc.) are connected to this structure (frame). The Battery has a black and red cable. The black cable (negative lead or cable) is bolted to this structure creating the Ground. This is called a Negative Ground System. The positive (red cable from battery) is the supply voltage to all these components. The Ground (black and Chassis of the vehicle) is how the voltage returns to the battery.

How do you hook up a charger to a 98 Monte Carlo battery?

A charger is hooked to a 98 Monte Carlo battery by attaching the positive lead to the positive battery post and the negative lead to a strong ground. The charger is set to the desired rate and plugged in.

What are positive and negative effects of terrorism?

It might lead to war.

What happens if you accidentally connect the positive lead of a voltmeter to the negative terminal of a 1.5 volt battery and the negative lead to the positive terminal?

Voltmeter will give you opposite readings or will not work at all.

Do you connect a compressor's positive or negative lead to a car battery first?

Posittive first then the negative

When removing battery leads what lead should be removed first?

The battery lead that is not the earthed lead should be removed first. If the negative lead goes to ground then first remove positive and vice versa. This is true also for any non vehicular electrical device although the earthed lead is less easy to find but is almost always negative.

How do I connect a dwell meter?

The one of the leads (usually the red or positive) goes to the negative side of the coil (the side where the distributor wire connects) and the other lead (usually the black or negative) to any ground source.

What could i do to turn my child's negative attitude into a positive one?

To turn a negative attitude into a positive one it is important to lead by example. A child will watch you and if they see you being positive they will also be positive.

How do you jumpstart a 2006 325i?

The correct way to jumpstart a 2006 BMW 325i is to connect the positive lead to the positive terminals on each vehicle. The negative leads are then attached to a strong ground like the alternator bracket.

Name of positive and negative plates of a lead battery?

Anode and cathode

Do transisors have polarity?

Basic transistors have three lead contacts that do have polarity . There are two kinds referred to as P-N-P (for positive-negative-positive leads) and N-P-N (for negative-positive-negative leads).

What four components of a lead acid battery?

The components of lead acid batteries include: * The outer case, or housing. * Plates [Positive and Negative]. * Intercell connectors. * Terminals [Positive and Negative]. * Electrolyte [Sulphuric Acid].

When do you connect LEDs in series?

A: regular LEDS have along lead and a short lead the longer is usually positive. This lead must go to a positive potential. the shorter lead is less negative which must connect to next led positive and so on as a string.

How is positive lead on an electrolytic capacitor identified?

Normally all electrolytic capacitors negative lead is marked on the side and if the plastic cover came off and it is new the long lead is the positive.

What is the name of the battery positive and negative plates in a typical lead acid battery when the battery is in a charged condition?

anode (negative) cathode (positive) Source:

If you put a new radio in a 96 Saturn and it worked fine for a month but now won't power on and neither will the old one and you have checked all the fuses what else could it be?

Wiring problems can be time consuming, but the only way to accurately pin-point a problem is to start with the obvious and go from there. I would first do a "bench test" on both radios. Run a positive wire lead,( red wire on radio ), direct to the positive battery post, and a negative wire lead, (black wire on radio), to the negative battery post. This will confirm that the radios are working. If they work, and the radio fuse in the car's fuse panel is good, you probably have a poor ground, which is the black wire coming out of the radio. Try routing the black wire to the chasis or unpainted area on the body. If this still doesn't bring your radio to life, re-route the red positive lead coming out of the radio to another location in the fuse panel,ie.(windshield wiper, heater). Depending on where you route the positive lead, you may get unwanted whistling or wherling noise through your speakers.You also might have to manually shut your radio off everytime you shut the car off, depending on what fuse you use. Just keep trying. Good luck.

Car battery charger lead colors?

Red is positive(+). Black is negative (-)

How do you install a tachometer in a Jeep Cherokee?

You'll need a 12 V lead from your fuse box or battery, A good ground, a lead off of your dimmer switch (if you want the tach to light up and be adjustable via dimmer) and then you'll need a lead off of your coil, ( center of your distributor cap to the passenger side) I can't remember for sure if its the positive or the negative, but I am almost positive it was the negative. Try both, it won't hurt anything if you have the lead wrong.