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Where is the power steering dipstick located on a 1999 Buick Regal LS?


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2015-07-14 16:47:07
2015-07-14 16:47:07

I had this exact same question for the same car, my steering squeeling. Couldn't find it. Asked a mechanic friend today and there it is. It is located in back of the engine near the left corner of the engine directly beneath two black rubber hoses.

Recommended option; Have a professional mechanic do this, especially if you have to top off the fluid.

If no mechanic is available and you must fill the fluid...The best way to access the P/S pump reservoir 2 inch cap/dipstick is first to place a drop light or flash light facing downward at the pasenger side rear or engine (rest it on the metal bar) so you can see what you are doing. Look for two rubber hoses coming off the right rear engine leading to the bulkhead. The two inch cap is located just below these hoses in a tight spot (no wonder GM needs a bail out...great design GM!). Reaching in from the drivers side of the engine is the best way, really the only way. Do this with a cool engine because the two rubber hoses are heater hoses and get hot! Turn the cap left until it unlocks (be sure you have a good grip on the cap, you don't want to get it lost and jammed somewhere behind the motor. If fluid is low (the dip stick has two marks (hot or cold), GOOD LUCK FILLING IT. DO NOT OVER FILL, ESPECIALLY ON A HOT ENGINE! You will need a funnel with a flexable rubber hose attached to the end, insert the hose into the P/S reservoir about an inch down, begin to pour in very small amounts as the funnel and hose itself holds a lot of fluid and can easilly spill over (use quality a/o recommended P/S fluid only). I recommend placing an old cloth rag around the opening of the pump reservoir to absorb any spilled fluid and dripping from funnel after removing...DONT forget to remove the rag! Replace cap, turn right until locked in place, it only goes in one way but cap can at times go on unevenly leaving the pump open to the environment and spillage.

Note; IF the reservoir is very low or empty, a/o the P/S is making noise, a/o you smell burning fluid a/o the steering is hard to turn...take the vehicle to a professional technician.

Note; Power Steering fluid leaks and spills can cach fire when contacting hot exhaust pipes and catalitic converters.

Comment added: Thank you for the . I FOUND the power steering cap exactly where you described. I put my left hand in from the passenger side right next to the radiator overflow container. Definitely want to do this when the engine is COLD. The back of my hand was against the radiator overflow tank, with my fingers toward the engine, under the alternator. Watch out for the sharp spring clip tabs on the steering hoses. You can't really see the cap so everything is straightly by feel. Thanks for the note about being careful and not to drop the cap. I found the fluid level was low and refilled it to the COLD mark. Road testing it and the stiff turning seems to have gone away. I will wait until the engine cooled to re-check the power steering fluid level. GREAT ! Thanks!


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The power steering dipstick is made into the fluid filler cap. The power steering unit is on the front of the motor, and the cap is right on the top of it.

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In the same place as the dipstick is located. Use a funnel.

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On the driver`s side under the steering wheel to the left

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