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Where is the power steering pump on a 2000 Monte Carlo SS 3.8 engine?

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It is about a foot below the alternator on the side of the firewall - hard to get to it under the hood without removing some items.

Get your tools ready along with a bottle of the proper power steering fluid (be sure to ask at the auto parts store for the proper one for your specific vehicle) and a long thin funnel.

You need to do the following to get to it;

* - remove both nuts of the stability bar (on the passanger side) and loosen both nuts of the bar (on the driver's side). This bar is about 3 inches thick and about three feet long.

* - remove the nuts holding the reservoir tank (the white plastic tank that holds antifreeze).

* - lift the stability bar on the passanger side to make room to work the reservoir tank out of the way. Set the reservoir tank aside while still connected to the radiator (small hose connects it). Be sure the cap to the reservoir tank is properly closed or a spill may occurr as you lay it aside.

* - voila! look down (flashlight may be needed) about one foot down and you will see (or feel) the cap of the power steering pump.

Follow your car manufacturer's instructions at this point.

Reverse the procedure for re-assembly.

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in the top of the power steering reservoir on the passenger side of the engine.

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It is serviced in the power steering reservior.jd

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on the front of the engine and it is run by the serpentine belt.

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The power steering reservoir is located on the passenger side rear of the Engine compartment underneath and behind the alternator. . It is a very tight fit.

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where do i put the fluid Its under alternator.

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