Where is the print date on a US 2 dollar bill?

US bills carry "series dates" rather than printing dates. A series date indicates when a particular design and/or signature combination was introduced, but is used regardless of the calendar date until a new series starts.

The series date appears in different places depending on the bill's design. The most common 20th and 21st century notes have the following:

  • Red seal on left (1928): to the left of the serial number on the left side of the bill
  • Red seal on right (1953,1963): to the lower left of the "T" in the large word TWO that's over the seal
  • Green seal on right (1976-present): same as 1953 & 1963

Any small letter appearing next to the date indicates that at least one new official (Treasury Secretary or US Treasurer till 1976, US Treasurer only since then) took office following the start of the series.