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Where is the proportional valve in a car braking system?


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2005-09-23 07:19:54
2005-09-23 07:19:54

A proportional vavle is right after the master cylinder.It can be mounted near the firewall or in front under the powersteering pump.But on a car it is on the firewall on the driver side. Bruce


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The braking system makes a car stop.

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The speed; the quality of the braking system; the mass of the car; the time it takes the driver to notice a danger. The speed is especially important; other things being equal, braking distance is proportional to the square of the distance. That means that at twice the speed, the car will move 4 times as far while it brakes.

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The materials used in a car's braking system includes brake pads, brake caliper, and rotor. A cars brakes can be accessed by removing the tire from the car.

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