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You can call the dealer and ask if they know where it is as far as checking it you should get someone to hold the relay and turn on the key but dont start it then turn it off do this several times and if the person holding it hears clicking or feels it switching on it should be good. On my '92 van it is on the firewall, just under the hood, near the center. I have not had a relay failure but I have had three fuel pump failures on my van. When you first turn the ignition on, before starting the engine, the relay will "click" on for a few seconds, then click off. If you pop the hood and have someone standing near it they will hear it click on and off. More importantly, if someone can be near the fuel tank when you do this they should hear the fuel pump briefly run for the same amount of time (it should sound like a faint humming sound). To really check it you would need to use a test light to see if 12V is getting to the fuel pump / relay in and out terminals. In general, the fuel pump will last longer if you keep a fair amount of fuel in the tank. Don't run the tank dry (or even nearly dry). I like to fuel up when the fuel guage drops to 1/4 tank. The fuel actually runs through the pump motor and cools it. If the tank level is too low and the gas sloshes to one side or another the pump will run dry. You probably won't notice it, but the pump can overheat and wear out or fail prematurely. Good Luck Richard Rea

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Q: Where is the pump relay and how can you check it to make sure the fuel pump works on a '97 Chevy van 5.7 engine?
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