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In the computer.

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Q: Where is the quad driver on an Olds Calais 2.3 ECM code 26?
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Where is quad driver located at on Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais S 2.3?

In the computer.

Where is the starter located on a 1991 Olds Calais S Quad 4 engine?

Look in front lower of engine behind radiator

What motors interchange with 1988 Oldsmobile calais 2.3?

The Oldsmobile Calais, also known as the Cutlass Calais, was produced by General Motors from 1985 to 1991. In 1987, the Quad 4 engine was developed and the 1988 Calais was fitted with it. All?æof the Quad 4 14 engine types of the 2.3 liter version are interchangeable on the 1988 Calais.

You got a code 26 Quad Driver Module do you change your whole computer what should you do I have a 1993 Ccamaro Z28?

I would take it to a repair shop and have them check it out. If indeed the quad driver is defective you will have to replace the computor.

Your 1992 Buick Century has a DTC 26 code how can you find out what this is?

A DTC #26 is a Quad Driver Module Malfunction.

How can i fix the quad driver module on a buick park avenue 1993?

the quad driver module is a component of the ECM. you must replace ECM.

Where is the Qaud Driver module located on a 1991 Buick Century Custom?

Quad drivers are small chips that perform on off functions inside the Engine Control Module. If you have a code which states there is a Quad Drivers Error, you need to check the items that that particular Quad Driver is controlling. For example, the a/c compressor relay, or trans solenoids etc...

How do you replace the starter of a 1989 calais quad 4?

You have to remove the intake manifold and be care full of the crank sensor

What does obdII code 1655 97 Pontiac Grand Prix?

P1655 refers to the Powertrain Control Module fault (quad driver 2)

What is the airport code for Quad City International Airport?

The airport code for Quad City International Airport is MLI.

1994 Pontiac transport has a quad driver module failure how can this be corrected?

Look at your error codes again. It should read something like "quad driver module FAULT" not failure. It is VERY unlikely that your quad driver actually died. It is the high power control system that is in your computer. So replacing it, means replace the computer. To prevent this the Quad Driver has all sorts of internal protection hardware in its design. The likely thing that is wrong is something the Quad Driver is connected to. And that The quad driver isn't seeing every thing correctly so thus the Fault. It also can fault if there is a wiring problem from the device to the quad driver. There are Test for each component. You should to to find out which is the problem. Consult your Shop Manual.

Where is the quad driver module on a 1989 Buick 3800?

If a quad driver has gone bad it is necessary to replace the ECM. After replacing the ECM, drive the car on a bumpy road and note whether the check engine light comes on. If it does, fix the problem or you end up with a repeat QDM failure. == == == == There is no such thing as a quad driver module. There are quad DRIVERS in the ecm.

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