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The radiator cap is located on the top of the radiator. The Nissan Almera has a radiator located under the hood.


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take radiator cap off, make sure radiator is full, start the engine let it water circulate for awhile and then open radiator drain slightly just enough to get water and air to come out,drain is located under the radiator. Careful not to burn your hand.Turn off radiator drain and replace radiator cap.

open the radiator cap, find the plug at the bottom right of the radiator and open it to drain old coolant

take the radiator cap off and losen the drain cock on the bottom of the radiator

open the drain at the bottom of the radiator and remove cap

To drain the radiator on a 1999 Ford Expedition, place a bucket under the radiator. Unscrew the radiator drain hose or valve on the bottom of the radiator. Remove the radiator cap.

Looking up from under the car, the drain is located on the bottom right and corner of the radiator. A large flat blade screwdriver will be needed to turn the drain cap and allow fluid to be released. The drain cap can't be fully removed from the radiator so there is no worry that the cap will get lost.

Even easier way is to remove the cap on top and loosen the drain plug on the bottom. --- easiest way to drain radiator, is to disconnect the bottom radiator hose from the radiator

If you do not have a radiator cap once you drain the radiator, you can use several options to flush the cooling system. You can easily do this by filling up the system with as much water as you can and then warm it up.Ê

Open the radiator drain and let drain into a catch basin. Run water through the radiator by filling through the radiator cap with a hose till the water coming out is clear. Fill through the overflow bottle if there is not a radiator cap present.

* With the engine cold remove the radiator cap * Move a large container under to catch the coolant as you drain it * Drain the radiator by opening the drain plug at the bottom on the left side

Take the cap off the radiator and open the petcock on the bottom of the radiator.

The radiator drain plug on a 1988 Honda Accord LX is located on the lower right side of the radiator. If facing the vehicle from the front, it would be on the driver's side of the radiator. To drain easily, loosen the radiator cap after opening the drain plug.

To change coolant on a Toyota Corolla, place a bucket under the radiator. Open the radiator drain valve and remove the radiator cap. When all antifreeze drains out, close the drain valve. Then refill with fresh antifreeze and replace the radiator cap.

There is a threaded plug at the base of the radiator. Screw it out CC and take the cap off of the radiator.

The radiator drain plug should be located on the bottom of the radiator on the passenger side. Open that, let the old coolant flow into a drain pan, replace the drain plug once the coolant is out and the radiator is flushed, then fill it up through the radiator cap.

To drain the radiator in a 2001 Focus, loosen the cap on the top of the radiator overflow tank. Then loosen the lowest radiator hose on the radiator. Drain the antifreeze into a bucket to prevent ground pollution. Be careful, if the engine was recently running. The liquid will be hot.

In systems that do not have a radiator cap, the coolant is drained by the radiator drain plug. It is filled by adding coolant to the system through the overflow bottle.

The radiator drain plug on a Chevrolet Corsica is the lowest, skinniest hose on the back of the radiator. The radiator cap will have to be removed to allow for fast draining after this hose is removed.

Bottom of radiator on driver side. open radiator cap, and turn drain plug at bottom counter clockwise, you should see the water/coolant drain out. Once empty, place water hose on radiator and let it flush for a few minutes or till you see the water come out clear, shut off the water, let radiator drain, screw drain plug back in place and fill radiator with a mixture or 50/50 water/coolant.

If you dont see the petcock, then pull the bottom hose to the radiator; remove radiator cap or remove cap from the fill antifreeze expansion add-to tank reservoir. I think this will remove any air lock and drain out faster.

it will pobablyuse a 13lbs. cap but when you go to the parts store they will tell you

Unscrew the plastic drain petcock lower drivers' engine side of the radiator and take off the filler cap

drivers side bottom of radiator facing engine. plastic drain plug. make sure to open the cap to increase flow.

The drain is located on the lower right of the radiator and is opened or closed with a screwdriver. It is a plastic plug that does not come out. The surge tank cap must be open for the antifreeze to drain.

Plug should be at bottom or rear of radiator or disconnect the lower radiator hose

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