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Where is the radiator drain cock on a 1998 grand caravan?


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2005-11-15 01:34:30
2005-11-15 01:34:30

On my 96 caravan, it is on the bottom of the radiator on the driver side. You will have to jack up the van and crawl under it to get to it. I am almost sure it is the same on a 98.


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There isn't one. You have to remove the pan to drain

take the radiator cap off and losen the drain cock on the bottom of the radiator

The drain plug is on the bottom of the tank, drivers side but hard to see. But, if you cant find it, just disconnect the lower radiator hose and let it drain from there, that would do it, and its faster.

AnswerDriver's side front of the radiator, inline with the drain at the bottom of the radiator.

You remove the transmission oil pan to drain the fluid on a Dodge Caravan.

The radiator drain is on the bottom of the radiator, generally under the lower hose.

Probably not. I had a 1998 and don't recall seeing one. Radiator drain plugs have fallen out of favor since it creates another place for an aluminum radiator to crack and leak. If there is one it would be found at the bottom of the radiator on the side without the lower radiator hose.

Usually on the drivers side, bottom of rad. But, it will be easier to just remove the lower rad. hose.

The drain plug is located on the lower part of the radiator on the drivers side. It is a plastic wing nut style that faces the driver. You'll have to lie on the ground with your head in front of the drivers side front wheel to see it. It is difficult to turn for draining, and to tighten when finished draining. I recommend pulling off a hose to drain the radiator instead.

Beneath the lower radiator hose is the petcock or drain. Be careful when loosening as it is made of plastic.

There should be a radiator drain on bottom right side. turn it until it stops then pull out on it.

A Grand Caravan would have the 41TE transmission which does not have a throttle or kickdown cable.

usually at the bottom or rear of the radiator - or remove the lower radiator hose

It is on the inside bottom right corner of the radiator. Towards the engine. It will be a plastic drain cock. It is hard to see, but it is there,

It is located just below the lower radiator hose.

No, the electrical conections are different, and the gear ratios are different.

Remove the plug at the bottom or the rear of the radiator or remove the lower radiator hose

There isn't a vacuum line going to the regulator on a 1998 Dodge Caravan.

On my 1997 & 1998 Luminas, the drain is on the lower drivers side of the radiator. Be careful, they break easily. If it is alredy broken, you will have to use the lower radiator hose.

i have a 1998 grand caravan se, and it was doing the same thing and found it to be the power booster.

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