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Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1995 Ford Contour?


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2005-10-13 12:59:29
2005-10-13 12:59:29

My 1998 Contour has a radiator drain plug on the passenger side. It does not look like a typical radiator drain plug, but instead looks like a black plastic screw with an X flat blade slot. Mine turned fairly easy, but was hard to get at. I used a long large flat blade screw driver. You'll need a chaser light and probably need to jack up the front with a floor jack. It can be done without jacking up the car if you're real thin and limber. Use the jack. Good luck! I have a '95 Contour. Firstly, there isn't a drain plug for the radiator. Sorry. But you can drain your radiator and coolant reservoir. When looking at your coolant reservoir or expansion tank, there will be two hoses that come out. One top and one bottom. Follow the bottom hose down to a conjunction of 3-4 hoses. There will be a hose that exits the bottom of the conjunction and runs under the car going towards the back of the car. It will be a fairly large hose with a hose crimp on it. undo the crimp and slide it back and CAREFULLY pull the hose off the tube. It will probably blast straight into the frame so be prepared. After letting all the fluids drain, You can reconnect the hose and run a radiator cleaner or a radiator flush through your radiator using your expansion tank. I would advise while you have everything drained, disconnect the two hoses from the reservoir and unbolt it from under the hood, and then clean it out. When I did it, it looked like a mix of mud and sludge coming out. Sorry for the long answer, but hopefully it's thorough and helps someone out.


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Either at the bottom or the rear lower section of radiator

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How do you install a radiator in a 1998 ford contour?"

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there is no drain plug.just remove bottom radiator hose

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you can either pull the hose for it or you can usually just open the drain plug on the radiator

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by Tigercadd:The drain plug is at the bottom of the radiator, passenger side facing the engine compartment. Im not a Big mechanic or anything but i know a few basics, not every car has a drain plug for the radiator, if it does, it will be on the bottom of the rad. if it doesnt a simple way to drain the coolant would be to disconect the bottom rad hose and let the coolant drain through thatI have looked at the manual and from what I can remember, on the Ford Contour, you have to remove the plastic splashboard underneath the front part of the car before you can see the radiator drain plug on a 1998 Ford Contour. I have not actually changed the radiator fluid on my Contour but I know you will have to remove the bolts that hold the splashboard on and remove the splashboard before you can see the radiator drainplug.

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