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There isn't going to be one. Loosen the lower radiator hose to drain the radiator. Don't feel bad, there are plenty of people out here upset about it.


Actually that is not entirely correct. If you look from above the radiator, look hard enough to the bottom right side of it, and you should see a white "key-like" head peeping out from the rightmost lower corner. It is not easy to access it, but it is there.

I was looking for this drain plug and found this answer. On mine, it's not white and you can't see it. But you can feel it. It came out very easily once I figured out where it was, and it went in very easily. A little hard to get to; I scratched my arms up a little. Just feel around until you feel a small, flat tab-like thing. Turn it counter clockwise, and the drain plug pops out in your hand.

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Q: Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1998 Buick Regal?
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Location of 1998 buick century radiator drain plug?

drivers side of radiator on the bottom inside pointing to where driver sits

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Under your hood there should be a diagram. a sticker on top of the that area. If not you could probubly google "Belt diagram for 1998 buick regal" image search. make sure you get the right diagram for you motor.

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How do you drain the radiator on a 1998 Buick LaSabre?

On the drivers side under the radiator there is a small black knob-like thing that you turn, and it will empty the radiator. Do not turn too hard, it will snap.

How do you get a 1998 buick regal owner's manual?

Try "Google"

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on the lower drivers side of the radiator on the inside is a pet cock that you unscrew to drain the radiator You have to remove the black plastic air scooper on the bottom front of the car to gain access to the drain plug I have seen two types of drain plugs : one you turn by hand or with a set of pliers The other requires a 1/4" socket driver or rachet Turn ccw ~ 1/2 turn to open

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bottom of radiator.

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take the radiator cap off and losen the drain cock on the bottom of the radiator

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AnswerDriver's side front of the radiator, inline with the drain at the bottom of the radiator.

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