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The radiator fan relay is located near the driver's side front wheel well. Go under the car and find the wires leading to the radiator fan on the drivers side. Trace them back and you will see they go to a waffer shaped solid state relay bolted to the car near the wheel well. It measures about 1 1/2 inches across and is about 1/4 inch thick. It is bolted to the car with 2 small bolts. Up until 1996 they were in the fuse box and were a square pill box looking thing. In 1997 they changed the design to this solid state one. I've had to replace the dumb thing about every 18 months. One possible reason the relay has to be replaced so often is heat. It is a solid state (instead of mechanical) relay, much as the electronic control modules & voltage regulators.All of them I have replaced showed severe corrosion or heat damage to the aluminum mounting bracket. I found this to be a heat sink. Ask any computer nerd about what heat does to electronics. They will tell you that computer componets are placed into heat sinks, usually with a thermal transferring grease (NOT dielectric grease!). I clean off (with sandpaper) the mounting location on the car, apply the grease, & mount the relay. So far there have been no failures, but I'll report back if there are. I use Echlin part #TP-45. It is the same thermal transfer grease used on electronic modules (for GM).Also called "thermal transfer compound"_

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Q: Where is the radiator fan control relay on a 1998 Dodge Neon located?
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