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I believe it's just the same as the 93's, it's on the left side of the drivers foot well...Just behind the plastic wall.. Junction box #2..

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Q: Where is the rear defogger relay on 95 Toyota 4 Runner?
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Where is the rear defogger relay on a 1989 Toyota Camry?

where is the rear defogger relay located in a Toyota Camry

Rear defogger relay location for a 99 elantra 5 door?

The location for the rear defogger relay on a 1999 Hyundai Elantra is located in the trunk or hatch area of the vehicle. The relay is labeled as M25.

How do you replace the tail light relay on Toyota Camry?

In a 1987 Toyota Camry (I think through like 1992), it's in the panel to the left of the driver's feet. There are two relays in that panel on mine, the rear is the Defogger, the Front one is the Taillight relay.

Where is the rear defogger relay located in a 1994 GMC Jimmy?

its on the back of the muffler

Where is the rear window defogger relay on a 1983 Volvo 240 sedan?

According to "Relay Locations" in the Bentley manual, the heated rear window time delay relay is located behind the right side of the center console.

2004 Toyota 4runner rear window defogger relay location?

where is the rear window defroster relay located in a 2004 Toyota Four Runner, would this also control the rear wiper arm? Try something simple: just open and re-close the rear window. The window has a safety switch that keeps the wiper, washer and heater from working if the window is open. The window settles down (from opening and closing the hatch) over time the window settling triggers the switch. If you open and re-close the window it resets the switch and everything works again. My 2003 4 Runner does this over time. I just open it and re-close it to fix the problem.

Where is the rear defogger relay located in your Hyundai Accent GL 2000 4 Door?

The rear defogger relay is locate under the dashboard. Remove the screws holding the cover panel around the steering wheel and pull it off. Left of the steering column you will see the relay (usually black) held on with one 10mm bolt.

Where ia the rear defogger relay on a 1993 jeep Wrangler?

its in the cab right next to your left foot if it was on the clutch...

Where is the rear window defogger relay on a 1989 Buick LeSabre Custom?

When you find that out,PLEASE let me know,OK?

Where is the relay for the rear window defogger on 1997 buick park ave?

Under the back seat in a fuse box.

Where is the rear window defogger relay on a 91 Chevy S10 Blazer?

It is located under the AC and Heat instrument panel

Is a 2002 Toyota 4 runner front wheel drive?

No , a 2002 Toyota 4 - Runner is rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive

Where is the rear window defogger relay located on a 1990 Riviera you've looked in the relay centre under the hood and in the centre console relay boxes but can't find where the rear defog relay is?


Where is the washer bottle for the rear window in a Toyota 4 runner?

inside side panel in rear of vehicle

Toyota 4 runner no rear brakes?

this is not an answerable question. Try restating

How do you remove rear differential cover on 2001 Toyota 4 runner?

you can't.

How rear window defogger works?

Some rear window defoggers are filaments built into the rear window that heat up when the rear defogger is turned on. This type of window should not be scraped with an ice scraper.

Why would the rear defogger switch stay on for a 1996 Buick century?

As most vehicle defogger controls operate in a similar manner, and as I'm not familiar with your make and model, this answer will be generic in nature. Rear defoggers generally draw a fairly large amount of current, and therefore that current does not pass through the cabin control switch. That switch controls a special type of relay [a time delay relay]. When you press the switch to turn the defogger on, an electrical pulse is sent to the time delay relay which closes, passing electrical current to the defogger grid. Within the relay is a timing circuit which, after a finite period of time, is supposed to release, and open the relay switch contacts, turning off the current to the defogger. From your question, I suspect that your defogger relay has FAILED IN THE ON POSITION. Usually, this failure is fatal to the relay, which must be replaced. I have a Buick Century wagon 1996, and I ran into this problem. Have you noticed if the defogger switch lights up when you hit the brake? If so, you have a bad connection somewhere. The center brake light is on the same circuit as the defogger, so you may notice that the center brake light does not light up when you hit the brake. So if this is what's happenning to you, you either have a burned out center brake light, or the defogger terminals in the rear window aren't making a good clean connection. They are located on either side of the window near the top. What I did to fix this was to solder a small piece of metal to the terminal that was not connecting and it was thick enough to make the connection. So the center brake light works, and the defogger now works exactly as it should. Hope this helps.

What is a rear demister?

demister is the same as defogger

Where is the fuse for the rear window defogger located for a 2003 Dodge Neon?

The fuse for the rear defogger is located behind the glove box. Just had mine replaced.

Why does the rear defogger not work on a 2001 Hyundai accent?

It is possible that the rear defogger does not work on the 2001 Hyundai Accent because the vehicle has a blown fuse or damaged wiring. The defogger might also not work because the wiring is disconnected.

Where is the defogger module on 1999 Buick park ave?

My 97 Buick defogger module is in the rear leftinside panel.

How do you repair rear window defogger on 1996 Saturn?

They make kits that are sold in most autoparts stores for repairing the broken wires on the rear defogger. Pretty inexpensive.

Toyota four runner back window will go up but not down.?

There is a electrical relay for the rear window which is usually located behind a body panel in the rear of the vehicle. I'm not entirely sure which side. The relay is the first thing to check, I would avoid tearing apart the switch panel or the rear door until you check the relay. Most scrap yards will probably have one. Without knowing the year of your truck it is hard to determine the exact location of the relay though.

Rear speaker wire colors on a 2002 Toyota 4 runner?

go to or