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Where is the rear window washer fluid fill on the Suzuki XL7?


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The rear washer feeds from the same reservior as front, if you look you have 2 pumps in reservior.


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Same place as you fill the front washer fluid. There is only one reservoir.

It is pumped in from the front washer reservoir.

It should come from the same reservoir as the front. Lacated in the engine compartment/drivers side.

There is only one Windsheild Washer fluid reservoir that serves both the front and back.

After I fill up the washer bottle the low fluid light still stays on

Both the front and rear washer fluid comes from the same reservoir, at least on my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee they do. Fill the reservoir under the hood.

I believe that the front and rear window fluid are in the same place

The rear window wiper uses the same fluid reservoir as the front, it just has a separate rear window pump attached to the fluid bottle under the hood.

Open the rear liftgate on a Mercury Sable wagon and you will see the rear window washer fluid reservoir fill plug near the bottom of the passenger side tail light

According to the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer Owner Guide :The washer fluid for the rear liftgate is supplied by the same reservoir as thewindshield ( located in the engine compartment )

Both washer systems are fed from the same reservoir under the hood.

on 2000 2003 model it is under the bonnet left side against the wing has yellow top

Fill the washer fluid or repair the level sensor in the washer fluid bottle.

You fill the rear washer same with the front. The reservoir is beside the battery and has 2 pumps, 1 for the front which is the bottom pump and the top is for the rear.

The rear washer fluid come from the windshield washer fluid reservoir on your 1999 Ford Expedition ( according to the owners manual )

In my 2006 the rear window washer fluid shares the same tank as the front window washer. The operators manual also makes this statement. 1995 and before you fill the rear by opening the liftgate and adding fluid to the reservoir just above the left taillight. 1996 and later the front reservoir is for both.

On a 2000 Mercury Villager : The washer fluid for the rear liftgate is supplied by the same reservoir as the windshield ( located in the engine compartment )

it is at the top left when you open the trunk

The washer fluid containter is in the cargo compartment; I believe on the right hand side. There is a little compartment that contains the washer fluid reservoir.

Hi, I have a 1999 RX300, and I'm assuming that Lexus didn't make any significant changes to the engine compartment from 1999 to 2000. Once you have the hood open, look on the left front side of the compartment. My washer reservoir has a black pryoff cap with a symbol on it that looks like a windshield wiper. It also has some printing that says, "Washer Fluid Only". There isn't a separate reservoir for the rear window washer, so if you fill the reservoir, and you still aren't getting any washer fluid to the rear window, then you must have a different problem. If the reservoir is empty, it will hold about 1 gallon of washer fluid. Hope this helps. Sincerely, Bouleau

My 98 impreza just pumps from the front washer tank to the back

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