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I recently changed mine, be warned that it is not as simple a task as it is perceived to be.

The turn signal relay flasher (or what I will be refering to as the "Flasher") is located in a black box, approx. 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep. This small box can be found under the dash on the driver side. To locate it, simple aim yourself between the accelerator and brake pedals, and look up. If the flasher is original, the box will be taped. Remove the tape and the clasps on each side of this box and inside will be your flasher as well as an accessory relay. The flasher is larger and closer to the passenger side than the relay, and mine was blue.

It is a tight fit. 15 minutes and 2 pulled muscles to install a six dollar part. Best of luck.

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2008-02-21 23:20:19
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Q: Where is the relay flasher on a 2002 Ford 150 Super Crew?
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