Where is the relay for the blower motor of a 95 Nissan Altima?


Hello. Its behind the glove compartment. I had to remove about eight screws to pull of the glove compartment door and glove compartment molded plastic trim.

The blower motor is the roundish part on the far left hand side of the glove compartment opening. Out of the bottom of the blower motor are four wires in a common cable with a connector at the end. Disconnect this common cable connector. It is connected to the blower motor resistor with two screws. It will look like you are removing a connector, but the back side of this part has a what looks like a fin cooler. That part in your hands is the resistor (really) The part number will be on the connector P/N 27150 1E400.

Good luck Jet jockey.

If your flexible enough you can do it without taking the glove box off. Good luck.