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behind driver side back seat under cover.

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Q: Where is the relay switch for four wheel drive on a 1992 ford ranger 23?
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2001 ranger won't switch to 4 wheel drive?

2002 ranger wont go in 4wheel

Is a ford ranger 1998 a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

A 1998 Ford Ranger is rear wheel drive ( or 4X4 capable )

Does the 1991 ford ranger have rear wheel drive?

Rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive capable

Is the 2004 Ford Ranger front wheel drive?

rear wheel drive ( and maybe 4 wheel drive capable )

Does ford make a front wheel drive ranger?

No. Rear wheel drive or 4wd

How do you change a 2003 Ranger starter relay on my 2 wheel drive 3.0 engine automatic Ranger?

On the 2003 Ranger 3.0 L and 4.0 L , the starter relay is in location # 56 of your power distribution box in your engine compartment ( large relay in corner of PD BOX ) Ford recommends disconnecting your battery before servicing fuses/relays in PD BOX in which case the Ranger will have to re-learn its idle etc. Also , there is a 50 amp maxi-fuse in location # 11 of your PD BOX for the starter relay and ignition switch

Does the 2002 ford ranger have frontwheel drive?

rear wheel drive ( or four wheel drive capable )

Will rims for 4 wheel drive ranger fit 2 wheel drive ranger?

They should. As far as I know, they have the same number of lugs.

Is 1995 ford ranger xlt a front wheel drive?

rear wheel drive ( and maybe 4 wheel drive capable )

Is a 2-wheel drive 1999 ford ranger front wheel dr?

No , it's rear wheel drive

Is a 1996 ford contour transmission the same as a 1996 ford ranger?

No. The Contour is a front-wheel drive car, and the Ranger is rear wheel drive.

Where is the oil pressure switch located on a 1991 ford ranger 2 wheel drive 2.3 liter?

it is in the side of the oil pan

Does 1999 ford ranger have front wheel drive?

no , it's rear wheel drive or 4X4 capable

Did the 1994 ford ranger come in front wheel drive?

No , rear wheel drive or 4x4 capable

1995 ranger four wheel drive not working switch or low fluids or bigger problem?

It could be something as simple as a bad fuse

Can you tow Ford Ranger 4x4?

flat tow 4 wheel drive ranger

Why does the 4wd light stay on a 92 Toyota pickup 4wd?

Because your in 4 wheel drive mode? Switch and or linkage out of adjustment. Bad switch. Bad Relay. Grounded circuit.

How you switch from 2wd to 4wd low in 2000 ford ranger?

With the engine running , and the vehicle stopped with your foot on the brake pedal shift the transmission to NEUTRAL and then rotate your selector switch to 4X4 low then put in drive / reverse ( to switch back from 4X4 low to 2 wheel drive , with the engine running , and the vehicle stopped with your foot on the brake pedal , shift to NEUTRAL and then rotate your selector switch to 2 wheel drive then put in drive / reverse )

Is there a 2 wheel drive indicator light on the instrument panel of a 1998 Ford Ranger 4 X 4 to indicate 2 wheel drive after switching from 4 high?

Yes, there is a light to indicate 2 wheel drive; 4 wheel high; and 4 wheel low. I have a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4.

How do you properly engage the 4 wheel drive in your 03 Durango?

If you have a lever, pull it into the four wheel drive position. If a switch, put in four wheel drive.

Where is 4-wheel drive switch located on a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

The 4 wheel drive switch is located on top of the transfer case

Will a 3.0 engine from a 1996 ranger fit a 1992 Taurus?

no the Taurus is front wheel drive and the ranger rear wheel drive therefor the motor mounting and transmission set up are compltley different

Automatic 4x4 works but front hubs do not engage1994 ranger?

If the automatic 4x4 works but the front hubs do not engage in a 1994 Ranger, there is no 4 wheel drive. The transaxle for the 4 wheel drive has to be repaired.

Can you switch a sports cars rear wheel drive to front wheel drive?

It's not impossible, but it is extremely impractical.

Are brake pads the same for a 2007 ranger and the 2006 ranger?

According to - YES Both the 2006 and 2007 Ranger front brake pads are # BR 11438 for all 3 available engines , 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive