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the relay is part of the wiper motor assembly. if the fuses are good, and there is voltage at the motor, then you must replace the motor

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Q: Where is the relay switch located for wipers in a 1996 Saturn SL as the fuses are good?
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Why would windshield wipers stop working on Saturn?

Normally its a fuse. Check your owner's manual to find where the fuses are and which one is related to the wipers.

Where are the fuses for the wipers on a 1995 Saturn?

The fuses for the wipers should be in the driver side engine compartment. the fuse box should be next to the intake. If you cant find the box;you can go to a local parts store and find a haynes book. it will have everthing you need for your saturn.

Where are the fuses for the windshield wipers on a 2000 Saturn LS?

IIRC inside the cabin behind the passenger kick panel

Where is the fuse responsible for the windshield wipers located in a 1996 Ford F-150?

It is located in your fuse box. Check the plate you remove to get to the fuses and check there and it will tell you the one for the wipers

Where are fuses located for both front and back windshield wipers on a 2005 Ford Focus?

in the fuse box

Wipers and Heator Fan do not work on Mazda 323?

It could be the ignition switch. The ignition switch (for a 1986 323, at least) has two "On" terminals, one of which controls most things, and the second for the wiper motor, blower motor and AC, and the radiator fan. For some reason (wear, a bad spring, or something), the switch stops making reliable contact with the second terminal. Try wiggling the key and see if wipers come on.Check Fuses? Check Fuses? Check Fuses? Check Fuses?

Have a 96 marquis but wipers don't work is there a fuse for that were is it?

There are fuses on the main fuse panel located under the dash where the driver sits. It should be marked wipers. HTH

How come on our 1986 bronco the wipers do not work even after changing the wiper motor?

check the fuses, wiring connectors, switch, exc.

Do windshield wipers have fuses?

Yes they do

Your wipers keep blowing fuses on your 1998 Nissan Altima?

If your wipers keep blowing the fuses on your 1998 Nissan Altima, it could be a short or the wrong fuse being used. You may have a short in the wiring or the wiper switch, a bad ground wire, or loose wiring.

Where is the inertia switch located on a 1990 jaguar XJ6?

The switch is located on the driverside just past the fuses towards the break pedal.

Where is the fuse for the dash lights in a 96 Saturn sl2 located?

saturns fuses for the cars are located behind the battery

Why do Chevy Blazer windshield wipers quit?

Have you checked the fuses for the wipers? It may be that simple.

Where to find the fuse to fix the wind sheld wipers?

Windshield wipers don't have fuses

Where are the fuses on a 1995 mercury villager for the wipers?

Wipers normally use a breaker, not a fuse.

Where and how many fuses does a 1450 cub cadet have?

2 fuses. Located to the left of the headlight switch. Down by where you turn the key.

Where are the fuses located for the front wipers on a Mitsubishi mirage 1996?

The fuse for the front windscreen wipers is located right under the steering wheel, where your feet go, you will prob have to lay on the floor of car to see them and read which one to replace. u will have to take the fuse box cover off and on the inside of the cover will have a diagram of what your fuses are for and where they are. windscreen wipers have a lil symbol of a windscreen and is number 6, the capacity fuse is 20A.

2002 crown vic wipers turn sig radio dont work but fuses all have pwr What is wrong?

turn signal switch u need

Where is the fuse box and are the windshield wipers a part of a fuse and if so which one for a 1996 Bonneville?

The fuse box is located in the car underneath the dash on the drivers side. There is a small cover that you simply pull down and it will release. All fuses are listed on the inside of this cover & yes, the wipers are one of the fuses.

Where is the fuse box located on a 2005 Saturn relay mini van?

The fuse box on a 2005 Saturn Relay Minivan is located under the dash, near the hood release. It contains most of the fuses for electronics located in the cabin.

Your turn signals and your airconditioning both stopped working at the same time you checked the fuse box the fuses appear to be okay?

Perhaps Ignition switch Wipers Work?

Windows slowed down and quit 1993 Saturn?

check your fuses, if not, replace the window motor located in the door.

What is wrong if a 1992 Saturn SL1 backup lights don't work but new bulbs and different fuses do not help?

Back up light switch is bad or out of adjustment. Located somewhere on the shift mechanism. The back-up light switch seems to be located on the transaxle, just below the master cylinder. I haven't figured out how to adjust it.

Where is the fuse for the windshield wipers on a1988 F250?

The fuse for a 1998 F250 is in the fuse panel that is located under the hood of the vehicle. There are may different fuses for the vehicle that are located in this fuse panel.

Where is the fuse panel located on a 2000 Saturn LS1?

In my L Series Saturn, the fuses are under the hood for some things and on the wall near the floor pedals. My car has a diagram and explains which fuses are for what on the top of the cover panel of the fuse box locations.