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There no Vitara in 93

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Q: Where is the reset button for the electric windows on a 1993 Suzuki Vitara?
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How do you set clock on 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara?

On my 2002 suzuki grand vitara I set the clock by pressing and holding the *disp* button to the right of the *<<* *>>* arrows( located at the right middle area of the stereo). Hold the disp button and push the << button to set the hours and >> button to set the minutes.

How do you fix electric window on suzuki grand vitara?

I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara 1999. Today I pushed the button to roll the window down! Then realized the switch is broken! I started taking it apart it won't come all the way apart but little white clips fell out of there! can this be taken apart? if so HOW? Please

Where is the gas tank release button on a 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara V6?

Driver's side floor just in front of the seat corner.

What does the power light on the suzuki grand vitara mean?

On the left side of the console is a button labeled power. When this button is pushed a power light comes on in dash. This button is used when you need more power such as climbing a steep grade.

How do you operate cruise control of 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX?

on our 2001 there is a cruise control button on dash push it then use controls rite side of steering wheel.

What would disable all electric windows except the driver's window?

The button on the driver's door that disables all windows except the driver's window. Push that button and all power will be restored to all windows. If not, that button may be defective.The button on the driver's door that disables all windows except the driver's window. Push that button and all power will be restored to all windows. If not, that button may be defective.

How do you reset oil change button on suzuki boulevard 2006?

I ride a Suzuki M50 BLVD and their is no oil reset button. I do not know about the Suzuki C50 BLVD.

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How do you set the clock in Suzuki ario?

To set the clock in your suzuki aerio, you have to put both the ill button and the degree button while another person pushes the min button and the hour button, trust me a pain in the rump.

How do you reset the electric windows on a 2004 scenic?

wind the window to the bottom and hold the button for about 5 seconds. Then wind to the top and lift the button for about 5 seconds. Do this for each window in turn

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The power button is for towing vehicles.

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How do you check the electric windows circuit on 1997 ford escort si estate?

press the down button. If the window goes down it works. Similarly if you press the up button and the window goes up. This also work. If you get no action to you pressing the button, this would suggest that the window is broken

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