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Where is the reset button in a 91 Honda Prelude to restart the engine after an accident?

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ah its not an xbox bro , no reeset button ,you messed up something in your engine or your computers gone to standby

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Toyota Highlander maintenance required?

On my 2008 Highlander, I started the engine and set the odometer to trip A. Shut off engine and restart while holding down the odometer button.

What kind of engine is the H22?

The H22 is a high-performance engine that debuted in 1993 as an engine for the Honda Prelude VTEC. This was a signature engine worldwide until the end of production for the prelude in 2001.

What engine do you have in your1986 Honda Prelude 2.0si?

The 1986 Honda prelude 2.0 Si has a A20a3.

Is a 1994 Honda Prelude s have a vtec engine?

A 1994 Honda Prelude S would not have a VTEC engine in it (assuming it has the original engine in it). It should have the F22A1 in it which is SOHC and Non-VTEC.

What engine does a prelude got?

Considering there were five generations of the Honda Prelude, this question needs to be more specific. The Prelude lineup featured a variety of engines over the years of different engine families, ranging from 1.8L to 2.3L The fifth generation Prelude (1997-2001) featured a 2.2L DOHC VTEC engine rated for appr. 195-200bhp. The fourth generation Prelude (1992-1996) featured two different engine families, the "H" engine and the "F" engine. The "H" engine in the 4th gen is a DOHC design, the 2.2L variant having VTEC, featured in the VTEC trim and being rated for 180bhp-190bhp at the end of the generation. The 2.3L "H" engine was DOHC but did not feature VTEC, was found in the SI trim, and rated for 160bhp. Finally, the basic level trim featured the 2.2L SOHC "F" engine, which also did not include VTEC. The "F" engine in the 4th gen Prelude is rated for 125hp. If you want more information on the older Prelude, or Prelude engine options outside of the USDM, check wikipedia as the Prelude article is maintained by dedicated Prelude enthusiasts.

Will a 1993 prelude engine fit in a 1990 prelude?

Yes, however the procedure will involve a lot of customization.

Does a Honda prelude 1996 automatic transmission fit into a 1999 prelude engine?

Provided they both share an h22a or f22a engine they should be a perfect match!

Can an 89 Honda Prelude engine fit in 94 Honda Prelude?

You could, but because the '94 Prelude is heavier than the '89 Prelude, it doesn't make sense to swap in a smaller powered motor.

What would cause the engine not to restart when hot Chevy Trailblazer 2007?

What would cause the engine not to restart when hot Chevy Trailblazer 2007?

Is a 86 prelude si the same as the 89 prelude si engine?

yes they are the same the 2.0 l4 fuel injected

What are the Prelude engine removal steps?

How can you check the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor on my 91 Honda Prelude SI 2.1L?

How can I check the ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE (ECT) sensor on my 1991 HONDA PRELUDE SI 2.1L

Can you put a 95 Honda Prelude engine on a 92 Honda Prelude?

Yes, All H and F series engines are interchangeable.

Does a 2.2 transmission on a 1993 Honda Prelude fit a 2.3 engine on a Honda Prelude?

Yes. The H22a and H23a motors can interchange transmissions.

Where is the thermostat on a 1995 prelude?

In the connector for the upper radiator house (on the engine).

How much compression should 2.0 prelude engine have?


What size engine dose a 1992 Honda Prelude si have?


What's the best engine for a 1994 Honda Accord?

definitely the h22 engine from it's older brother prelude. is the best engine with 200hp stock. most of the people who have done that says that the prelude engine H22A1 will fit direct bolt in in any 90-97 Honda accord engine bay.

What are the RPM in a Honda Prelude?

Max rpm / redline (often they are actually different) is not based on the car but on the engine. Prelude S (F22A1 engine) max rpm: 6250-ish Prelude VTEC (H22A engine) Redline: 7200/7600 rpm Max rpm: 7400/8000 rpm Preludes from 92- were delivered with the following engine options F20A, F22A, H23A, H22A.

Can yoput a 97honda civic engine in a 93 Honda prelude?

No. EK chassis Civics utilize D and B family engines. 4th Gen Preludes utilize F and H family engines. While it is possible (although difficult) to put a Prelude engine in a Civic, there is both no straightforward method and no logical reason to put a Civic engine in a Prelude.

Where is a starter on a 1989 Honda Prelude?

The starter on the 1989 Honda Prelude is located on the left side of the engine. It is under the radiator hose that is at the rear of the radiator.

Is a 93 S prelude 190HP?

Honda Prelude S Engine code: F22A1 Compression ratio: 8.8:1 Horsepower: 133 PS

Honda Prelude 1995 VTECH?

Yes Honda made a Prelude in 1995 with a DOHC VTEC engine. VTECH makes cordless phones and toys.

Where is the horn on a 1987 Honda prelude?

The horn on a 1987 Honda Prelude is located behind the front bumper of the vehicle. It is mounted in front of the engine block.

What kind of engine does the 1994 Prelude have?

The 4th generation Prelude (1992-1996) had three engine variants, the "S" motor (SOHC F22A1), "Si" motor (DOHC H23A1), and "VTEC" motor (DOHC H22A1).