Where is the reverse switch to turn the reverse lights on 1994 Toyota 6cyl 4wd pickup?

I have a similar issue with my 1992 6Cyl 4WD pickup where the reverse lights have stopped working. I haven't solved it yet; However, I did find a place to start.


Do your backup lights don't work?If so check this out.

My backup lights have not worked since god nows when..

so today I finally drag myself under the truck and look around for the reverse switch thing (2 prong switch that sticks out from the tranny)

on mine it was on the passenger side, very easily to see.

At first I could see that the plug was only halfway on, so I think "oh yeah, easy fix" so I plug it all the way in, put my key to the "on" possison and put her in reverse, go to the back of the truck.. nothing.

So okay, I crawl back under the truck and kinda think for a second.

I then realize that the switch can go on upside down and you cant tell the difference.

So I flip the wire around and plug it back in and what do I see when I go to the back end of the truck?

My reverse lights work!!

So if anyone has has tranny work and since then the reverse lights don't work, try this, its pretty easy to mess up the switch since it plugs in perfectly right side up or upside down, so the shop might have plugged it in upside down