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Where is the ruhr valley located?

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the ruhr valley is located in a place.

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Where is the industrial heart of Europe located?

Ruhr Valley

Is the industrial heart of Europe located in the Ruhr valley?


The industrial heart of of Europe is located in the?

the Ruhr Valley in Germany

Is ruhr valley a part of Harappan civilization?

No, the Ruhr valley is in Germany, not Pakistan.

What is the largest valley in Europe?

The largest valley in Europe is the Ruhr Valley, The Ruhr valley is an urban area in North Rhine, Germany, with a population of 8 1/2 million.

What valley is known as the 'Ruhr of India'?

The Damodar Valley

What valley forms Germany's industrial heartland?

ruhr valley

Why is the ruhr valley important to germany economy?

The Ruhr Valley is very populated and contains many of Germany's most industrial cities.

Is The Ruhr located in the Paris Basin?

No, the Ruhr is in Germany.

What is name of a city in Ruhr Valley?

Major cities along the Ruhr River, which flows through the Ruhr Valley, include Essen, Dortmund, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Muehlheim and many smaller towns.

Where is the industrial heart of Europe?

Ruhr Valley

What is the name of a city in the Ruhr valley?


Which of these did the Ruhr Valley have large deposits of?


What is name of city in Ruhr Valley?


Why did France occupy Germany's Ruhr Valley in 1923-?

France occupy Germany's Ruhr Valley in 1923 because Germany had fallen back in reparations .

Why was Prussia economically strong?

it controled the ruhr valley

What countries would you find in the Ruhr valley?


The industrial heart of Europe is located in the?

The answer is d: Ruhr Valley pages 531-571(((just took the test 10-25-09.)))

What are the Names of German coal regions?

Ruhr Valley and Saarland

Prussia was economically strong because it controlled the?

Ruhr valley

What was the ruhr valley?

a large area rich in mineral deposits

What valley did France occupy in world war 2?

The Ruhr .

What valley is densely populated and contains large deposits of natural resources in Germany?

ruhr valley

What natural resource is found in Germanys Ruhr Valley?

Coal and Steel

What is the valley joining with the Rhine that forms German's agriculture heartland?