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Where is the screen wash bottle in a Fiat Punto?


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looking inside the engine bay from the front of the car it is in the right inner wing (usually has a blue cap)


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Pop the bonnet and on the passanger side in front of the screen you will see a grill, inside is the wash bottle and the aux fuse box

drivers side wheel arch small black cap

Mk 1 (1993-1999) Punto doesn't have a separate one. It's the same as the one for the front (loated in the engine compartment). There is a tube inside the boot lid that sometimes comes loose, so the rear washer doesn't work, even with fluid in the bottle. takes two minutes to re-attach. Just remove the inner panel of the boot lid and you'll see it.

Left hand side of the engine towards the back. Big white plastic bottle (on mine - 51 Reg)

bottom left hand corner of the engine bay. its got a blue lid!!

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On the left side. tight against the fender, midway of the compartment, there is an oval cap. That be it!

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can youhear the pump trying to squirt water? Yes is there water in the washer bottle? Yes check fuses - Ok what fuse and where? check nossels - keep clearing

On the car wash bottle it says not to. I'm trying to find out why not to

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Washer bottle is situated under the bonnet just to the right of the bonnet release.

Depends what model, I have a 1998 1.2 R reg. Under the bonnet on the passenger side of the car, right by the windscreen there is a small plastic "grill" style thing. If you lift it up the washer reserve is a white bottle underneath..

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Its under the glove compartment on the passengers side on my Clio on ours 1998 open passenger door and its on side panel and under the bonnet on top of the screen wash bottle is a small fuse box

You have to buy 1 your self.It does not come with the car

In the same place you fill your front one.

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