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The sealed chamber is in the currents.

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Q: Where is the sealed chamber in Pokemon Sapphire?
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Where is the sealed chamber at Pokemon sapphire?

behind the first gym

What do you do in the sealed chamber in Pokemon sapphire?

In the Sealed Chamber, there are multiple braille clues for you to uncover. These clues tell you how to get into the Chambers of Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, respectively.

Who to unlock sealed chamber on Pokemon Sapphire?

First put a relicanth in your party first and a waillord last go to the sealed chamber use dig and put the Pokemon in the 2 holes then take them out

What do you do to open regices chamber in sapphire?

Go to the sealed chamber on route 134 and be sure to have a Pokemon with dig, and have WAILORD and RELICANTH in your party

Where is the braille in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Braille can be found in the Ancient Tome, Island Cave, Desert Ruins, and Sealed Chamber.

Where are the desert ruins in Pokemon SAPPHIRE?

in mauville desert route 111 it only works after you have unlocke the sealed chamber

Where is the braille on sapphire?

It's in the sealed chamber which is in route 134.

How do you unlock the sealed chamber in Pokemon sapphire?

you need wailord and relicanth then go there wailord should be in front and relicanth is back

Why wont it let me dig by the braille code where it tells me to on Pokemon Sapphire?

You only dig at the top of the first room in the sealed chamber.

What do you do at the sealed chamber in Pokemon Sapphire?

have relicanth first wailord last (or other way around) in line up then use dig and back wall.

Where is sealed cave in Pokemon sapphire?

The is no sealed cave, If youmean the sealed chamber You need a wailord, relicanth, HM Surf HM Dive and TM Dig. After you beat the champion, use dive on the dive place on route 134. Once you get in the chamber use dig on the center top.

Is the sealed chamber where you find regirock in sapphire?

No,you can only catch it in a cave in route 111.

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