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It won't have a serial number and a Golden model should have a gold-colored trigger and cost a couple dollars extra when new Actually, pre-68 Glenfields had no serial number. Post-'68 rifles have it stamped into the right side of the upper-receiver.

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Q: Where is the serial number on a Glenfield Model 60 tubular fed 22 semi-automatic rifle and what does Golden 50 mean that's stamped on the barrel?
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Is the Marlin-Glenfield 30-30 Golden 50 more valuable than a normal Marlin-Glenfield 30-30?

Not particularly.

What is the value of a 30-30 Glenfield Golden 50?


What is the value of a glenfield mod 65 golden 50 semi-automatic rifle?

where is the "best priced" shop to purchase the loading tube for the golden 50 glenfield 65 22 l.r. by Marlin Firearms?

Looking for infor a marlin glenfield 65?

what is a model 65 golden 50 worth

What is the age of a 30-30 marlin glenfield model golden 50 serial 72063894?


What is the age of a 30-30 Marlin Glenfield Model 30 Golden 50 serial 72066298?


What is the value of a 30-30 Glenfield Model 30 Golden Fifty?

Tops out at $200.

Where can you find information about a Glenfield mod 30 Golden 50 lever action 30 30?

Here. What information do you want?

How much is a marlin 30 30 caliber glenfield 30 model golden 50 worth?

200-300 dollars,depending on the overall condition and a good bore.

What year was your Glenfield 50 with serial 71384945 made?

The Golden 50 was made in 1971... The first two of the serial number indicate the year made... hope that helps!

Where is serial number on marlin golden 39a?

Serial number is stamped on the lower tang of the receiver. It is covered by the lever. Move the lever to see it.

What years were the golden 50 22 rifle made?

Marlin made a Golden 39A .22 lever rifle from 1954 to 1963 (serial prefix L through W). The Marlin model 50 was a semi-auto 12 ga. shotgun. If you have a .22 rifle marked "Golden 50," it isn't a Marlin. I have a Golden 50 Glenfield Mod. 65 from the Marlin Firearms company built in 1970.

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