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Serial numbers were not required on rifles and shotguns until 1968.


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when was the model 10 hercules 410 shot gun manufactured

I'm not sure of the value of your shotgun. I have a Montgomery Wards Hercules, double barrel shotgun, with external hammers. With all the research I have done it is a Stevens 217. I have been looking for a set of barrels for this gun. Can you describe your gun to me. Petter

We cant verify the SD108 model number, however: The "Hercules" was the trade name used by the Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on shotguns made for the Montgomery Ward Co. Of Chicago. The "Hercules" made for Wards was a copy of the Iver Johnson "Champion" model which is a single shot shotgun with exposed hammer. They were made between 1909 and 1956.

The number that you listed for your Western Field shotgun is the serial number,not the model number.We would need the model number to give you some idea of the age of your shotgun.

Manufactured by Iver Johnson or J. Stevens for Montgomery Wards.

If you cannot easily see a serial number, then it was manufactured prior to 1968 and doesn't have one.

The Western Field model 600 ERI shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards by Remington.The Remington model SPT-58 is the same shotgun as yours.

$200-$250 in top condition. Only value is as a shooter, they are not collectible.

Savage/Stevens Model 5000 very much a model 311

Most likely Mossberg made your shotgun,but I cannot be sure unless you give the model number of your Wards shotgun.

Your shotgun was made by savage/stevens for montgomery wards(westernfield).

Your shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards (marked with their brand- Westernfield) by Mossberg, and is their model 550. As far as age- no way to tell. IF your shotgun does not have a serial number, it would have been made prior to 1968. <><><> Note to previous poster- Sears did not use the Westernfield brand- that belonged to Montgomery Wards. They DID use J.C. Higgins and Ted Williams as brand names.

No published sn data.The western field model M550ar was made by the firm Mossberg and sons for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) The Mossberg model 500AB is the same shotgun.this shotgun was made from 1962-1998.By being a wards Western Field we may be able to say that the time frame will be between 1962-1985 when Montgomery wards went out of business.

I have a Wards Hercules 16ga model 10. Mine is in excellent condition and only worth $150.00. For that it worth just hanging on to.

I don't know but I have one too with serial U116679 would like to know the age also

The Model 30 is a take-down gun, with the serial # on the lower tang behind the trigger guard, and alson on the barrel, once removed from the frame. I believe the gun is a Stevens 520 or 620 with Wards name on it.

your Wards Western Field model 15A was made by the Mossberg and Sons firearms Company.This is the Mossberg Model 83.This shotgun was made from 1933-1946.As such there may not be any serial numbers because they were not mandatory on firearms until the year 1969 with the passing of the gun control act of 1968.

Your shotgun was made by the firm Mossburg and Sons.The Mossberg model 550AB is the same as your shotgun.

About the only thing certain is if it has no serial number it was made in 1968 or earlier. If it has a serial number it MAY have been made later, or maybe not. If you have a model number, most can be cross-referenced to the actual manufacturer's model and sometimes this will lead to an approximate (+/- 20 years) date of manufacture.

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