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The rifle is a marlin 336. Serial number is located on the lower tang under the lever.

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What is the value of a Thompson center grey hawk with walnut stock serial number S36884?

what is the value of a Thompson grey hawk 50 cal. from the custom shop with walnut stock

What century was Dorian Grey set in?

The nineteenth century. Most likely during the 1860s.

What is the phone number of the Grey Eagle Branch Library in Grey Eagle?

The phone number of the Grey Eagle Branch Library is: 320-285-2505.

Who is Henry grey?

According to wikipedia there are about 20 significant people by this name. One of them was the 3rd Earl Grey a 19th century British statesman.

Grey wolves in German?

There are no wolves in Germany they died out with the bears in the 19th century.

How was the grey squirrel intruded to the UK?

Grey squirrels were introduced to the UK from the USA in the late 19th or early 20th century by 19th century landowners In Britain and in Ireland, The gray squirrel is not regulated by natural predators and is classified a vermin.

What is the phone number of the Grey Towers Heritage Association in Milford Pennsylvania?

The phone number of the Grey Towers Heritage Association is: 570-296-9672.

What is the lowest number?

If numbers go on forever from the number one, then they should go on forever in minus numbers too. So the lowest number would be minus googloplex (Or however you spell it), which is the highest number. ________________________________________________________________ It's negative 9999999... and so on. Actually i think you will find that the lowest number is negative grey number. Wanna know why it is called the grey number? Well here is your answer, the person who found out the biggest number was called Mr Grey, that is why it is called the grey number :) _________________________________________________________ also, you could wtie it as a negative number to a google, or google plex then have that number plexed again forever

What us war was called the blue vs the grey?

During the 19th century it was called the "war of rebellion", in the 20th century it was called the US Civil War.

What is the value of an Australian One Hundred Dollar note?

The Australian paper One Hundred Dollar note (grey) was first issued in 1984 and last issued in 1991. For any estimate of value, the serial number and signatories would need to be known.

Grey element with atomic number 32?

I think that this element would be Germanium.

How many Murray grey cattle breeds are there are Australia?

Only one, since there is really only on breed of Murray Grey and that is the Murray Grey. If you are referring to individual cattle, it would probably number upwards of tens of thousands of animals.

What is the opposite color of grey?

grey is not a color. the opposite of grey is grey.

How do you say gray wolf in apache?

Nantan Lupan was the male name meaning grey wolf used by Apaches around the 19th century.

How many number of grey cups have the Edmonton eskimos won?

13 (1954,55,56,75,78,79,80,81,82,87,93, 2003,05)

Where can one find the Grey Gardens documentary?

The Grey Gardens documentary can be purchased on DVD from a number of retailers including Amazon and eBay. The documentary is also available to rent from LoveFilm.

What are all the names for the color gray?

Blue grey, dark grey, warm grey, cool grey, cloud grey, silver.

Why is grey matter grey?

Grey matter is grey because the axons in that part of the brain are unmyelinated.

What is the color of the komodo dragon?

redish-grey yellowish-grey orangeish-grey grey and black

What are the names for the shades of gray of horses?

A horses grey coat can be referred to a: Steel grey Iron grey Dapple grey Flea bitten grey and sometimes Salt and pepper grey

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