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the seventh gym leader in the johto region is in mahogany town

the seventh gym leader in the kanto region is on seafoam island

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once you walk in you just go up the ladder directly in front of you

The fourth gym leader in Pokemon Soul Silver is in Ecruteak City.

there will be a secret door at olivines lighthouse and it will take you to jasmine then go back to the gym then jasmine will battle you

the 15th gym leader in soul sliver is blaine and he uses only fire type pokemon

the 16th gym leader is:Trainer Blue

Cinnabar Island Blaine was always 7th guy

Blue, the last gym leader in kanto region

There is no 15th gym leader in Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver

beat the last gym leader on soul silver in johto

He has ghost Pokemon that put you asleep. It is extremely annoying!

Bugsy, I think you can tell what type of Pokemon he battles with.

It's in mahogany town but you have to beat team rocket in the house that has a tree with a antanae on it then the guy blocking the door to the gym will be gone.

No but you can Transfer Pokemon from Soul-Silver to Pokemon Black.

In the original Pokemon Silver you had to beat the 8th gym leader, Claire, then she allowed you to pass.

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