Where is the sierra mountains located and how do they form?


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The Sierra Mountains are located in California and Nevada. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range was formed by 2 colliding plate boundaries that collided and formed the Sierra Nevada Mountain.

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The Sierra Madras are located in Mexico.

The Western and Eastern Sierra Madre Mountains are located in Mexico.

In between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada is the Great Basin.

The Sierra Nevada mountains are located in the western United States. They are located on the border of California and Nevada.

The Basin and Range is located west of the Rocky Mountains and east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Cascade Mountains.

It has to do with plate bondries

The latitude and longitude of the Sierra Madre Mountains are 34.9022 degrees N, 119.8587 degrees W. The Sierra Madre Mountains are located in California, in Santa Barbara County.

The 'Sierra Desert' is actually part of the Mojave Desert extending from the Nevada-California border to the Sierra Mountains of California.

Pacific and Northern plates crashed against each other and cause the sierra Nevada mountains form

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in California, they touch the bottom southwest tip of Nevada.

The Rockies, the Smokies in winter, the Sierra Nevadas, the giant mountains of Alaska.

The sierra Nevada mountains are block mountains

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The Sierra Maestra Mountains are in Cuba.

Fault Block mountains such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Fold & Thrust Mountains such as the Himalayans.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains ar elocated in California, along the left side. It starts at the top then heads down, but leaving about 2 inches when it curves left into the Coastal Mountains.

Yes, namely the Sierra Nevada Mountains are partly located in Nevada.

AnswerThe Sierra Madres Mountains are in Mexico.

Five mountains in the world include the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Klamath Mountains, the Himalayan Mountains, and the Andes Mountains. The highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest, is located in the Himalayan Mountains.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are about 15,000 feet tall.

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