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Check the flasher unit under the dash. It should be over the steering column under the dash. There should be two flashers - one for the turn signals and one for the four ways. Also make sure the light bulbs are working on both sides of the bulbs as they flash on one side and the parking lights are on the other side of each bulb. One side of a two contact bulb could be burnt out.

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Q: Where is the signal stat for the 1995 Buick LaSabre front and back signals dont work brake and park lights do work the fuse under dash looks fine?
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Bad turn signal flasher? Bad turn signal switch? Blown fuse? Bulbs burnt out?

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location of the heating thermostat for the 99 Buick lasabre

Why doesn't the brake lights work on a 2000 Buick Lasabre when the fuse is good?

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Yes, the button is located below the dimmer slider for the interior lights.

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where is the fuel pump switch located for a 1992 buick lasabre

Why the interior lights sometimes work and sometime they stop working 1997 Buick LaSabre?

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Why Buick regal turn signal not working?

Trun signal lights do not come on at all not on dash or outside

91 Buick LaSabre turn signal flasher?

Up under the dash over the steering column there are two flashers and the lower one is for the 4ways

Where do you find the signal light fuse in a 94 buick lesabre to make the signal lights work without having to signal manually?


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in the oil

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Buick vehicles do not have inertia/reset switches.

Why do the dash lights not work on your 1994 Buick Lasabre?

Check fuse for parking/tailights Could be a bad headlight switch Could be an open in the dimmer rheostat

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code 26 buick 1990 lasabre limited

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.060" (1.52mm)

How do you change a tag light on a 2005 Buick LaSabre?

with a Philips screwdriver

How much gallons are in the tank of a 1993 Buick LaSabre?

18 +or- a quart...

Where is battery for 2003 Buick laSabre?

The battery is under the back seat

Where is the battery located at in a 2003 buick Lasabre?

under the rear seat.

How do you fix a valvecover gasket in an 1994 Buick LaSabre?

Replace the gasket.

98 Buick LaSabre wont turn over or start dash lights come on?

Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Wire disconnected at top of starter?

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