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Where is the signal switch blinker located in a 1995 Chevy Corsica?


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2004-07-28 22:25:00
2004-07-28 22:25:00

It is not on the "convenience center." It is further up toward the dash. You can find it by finding a group of wires that are bundled to the left of the "convenience center" (which is under the dash and can be easily located by turning on the 4way flashers since that relay is in the convenience center). From that group of wires, find two that head off by themselves and follow it up behind the gauges. The flasher is attached to something behind the dash with a simple clip. You can just pull it off. It's so far up behind the dash you can barely feel it is there, and I didn't even attempt to put the new unit back in the same place.


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The signal switch is located under the steering wheel. It is also know as the mutifunction switch. It operates many functions.

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No it is under the dash normally located near the fuse panel.

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How to change blinker switch in a 1994 Firebird ?

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You could have a bulb out or the blinker switch is bad. It should be a thermal switch located above the pedals if it's not a bulb.

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