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Where is the spare tire in a 1994 dodge caravan?


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Under the back of the van.

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dodge went bankrupt in 1982. there is no spare tire in the caravan.

how to you remove the spare tire form under the van

take the vehicle to the shop and a friendly mechanic will show you.

If it's a donut it should be around 60psi, but if it's a normal sized spare tire it should be around 35-36psi.

No, you only need to remove the tire to check it's pressure.

One changes a tire on a Dodge Caravan by first jacking the vehicle off the ground. One then loosens the bolts on the flat tire and removes it. One then places the spare tire in the proper position, lowers the vehicle to the ground using the jack and then tightens the bolts with a wrench. One then checks the tire pressure on the spare and one is done.

Under the center of the van, the lowering tool is inserted between the front seats.

In the compartment at floor level, driver side, beside tailgate.

Some are in the spare tire area.on a sticker I have seen alot of them on cars - in the trunk-An idea would b 2 call the dealer & ask where 2 find.Some are on the cover that covers the spare tire.

Listed in your owner's manual and on the driver's door post.

Listed in your owner's manual and on the driver's door post.

the lowering winch is operated by turning the nut accessable fromjust inside the liftgate.

It is under the car between the front seats. On the floor between the front seats is an access that the tire tool is inserted into to lower the tire.

Remove the four 13mm bolts from the winch bracket and the whole assembly will come down.

It is under the van, between the front seats. The access for the winch is just infront of the floor console.

The speed limit for a spare tire on a Dodge Van is around 45 miles per hour. The spare tire should not be left on the van for normal driving.

The spare tire is under the rear of the truck.

The proper tire pressure for the Dodge Grand Caravan is printed on the tire. Tires have to be inflated to the tire specifications. The auto manual will state what size tires to use.

the specs for the tire size for load capacity of a 2005 dodge grand caravan is 215/70 r15

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