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Where is the speed censor in 1996 Mercury Cougar v'8 located?


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The speed sensor is located on the back of the transmission, right before you get to the drive shaft you will see it sticking out.

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Where is speed censor on mercury cougar

My 1991 Mercury Cougar LS 3.8 4 Speed Automatic weighs in around 3800lbs.

The maximum speed of a 1971 mercury cougar RX-7 automatic 8cyl 285HP is 110 mph or 177.02kph.

As general rule speed sensors on cars were always located in the gearbox or automatic transmission. This would be the first place to start, however modern transmissions have the sensors built in and its unlikely they are user changeable.

are you sure it is not tail shaft sensor. This would be for your speedometer

It does not have a govenor. Speed is computer controlled.

In the black box right beside the battery. There are 2, a high speed and low speed relay.

According to a website I was looking at : For a 1987 Mercury Cougar , 3.8 liter V6 , 4 speed automatic transmission ( 17 city / 24 highway , miles per U.S. gallon )

A speed sensor on a 1998 Mercury Tracer is located on the transmission housing of the vehicle. It is placed on top in a secure location to safely measure the speed the transaxle spins.

According to a website I was looking at : For the 1992 Mercury Cougar , 3.8 litre V6 , 4 speed automatic transmission : ( 18 city / 25 highway , miles per U.S. gallon )

top speed of the ford cougar is 140 mph

Code P1506 - Idle air control valve over speed error

It is probably the resistor. I had the same problem with my 99 Cougar. It is located on the passenger side under dash. Check with Ford. I think that this part was recalled.

You would have to take out the engine and then it would make it easy to take the transmission of of the engine.

Why are you replacing the switch? If the fan works only on high speed, replace the fan resistor. There was a TSB for this.

The 1984 did not use a speed sensor are even have one.

it really depends on transmission, the A413, 3 speed its in the back of the trans and the A604, 4 speed, it has 2, an input and output speed sensor. and those r located in the front area, the input is near the trans dipstick and im not to sure where the output sensor is.

on my 1999 ford mercury villager its on top of transmission under the van

The top speed of a running cougar is 40-50mph. The average speed, considering it is a cat and therefore inherently nap-prone, is probably much closer to zero.

Most likely it is your speed censor modual. It is the wire that connects your speedometer to your transmission. It screws off and there is a wire connected to it. Replace this speed censor and you will get your overdrive back most likeley.

The VSS is located on the bottom of the transaxle beside the exhaust manifold.

The wind speed on Mercury is zero. Mercury has almost no atmosphere, it is too thin for wind.

if its the same as mine, the on and off are on the left, and the = + - are on the right. they are for your cruise control. on turns it on, =sets the speed, and + makes the cruise control engage.

My3.8l tops out at about 107mph. But that is in 3rd gear, it still has 4th to go. Because of the speed limiter it won't let it go any faster than that.

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