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Where is the speed meter hook up located for 1991 Honda Civic hatchback?


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you can reach the speedometer cable from underneath your car or from above. its located near the firewall about mid center of the vehicle on top of the transmission. it will have a rubber hose over it, to get to the clip. note* that when taking it out you need to remember how it went in or you wont get a reading when you drive your car again. i had the same problem on my '90 Honda civic after i replaced my clutch components. hope this helps


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2002 honda civic 1.7 fuel meter is located near the engine.

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You cannot reset a speedometer. You can reset the trip meter but not the odometer. Reset the trip meter by pushing and holding the trip button.

Here is an excellent link that will help you out.

the fuse is in the fuse box on the drivers side and it should be the fuse that is labeled speedometer..... only prob wit takin out the odometer fuse is then u have no speedometer......

Some bulbs may be burned out, or a blown fuse or the dash light dimmer/brightness control switch is turned off.

Under the speedometer. Push the trip meter reset button and the display will change from outside temperature to the odometer.

With the car turned off, press in your trip meter button on the odometer. Start the car while holdingthe button in. After about 30 seconds the light should go off.

To the left and right below the fuel gauge almost in line with the 150 mph or 240 kph mark.

The speedometer is wired to a VSS. If it has failed then the unit will need to be replaced. Odometer and trip meter are wired into the same fuse and should be checked. If the fuse is blown the odometers will not work.

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Mine is located next to the speedometer needle when it is pointed at zero. Little knob that looks the same as the trip meter reset. I have the EX trim package but would suspect all levels would be located the same place.

dead center of Care-A-Lot

You press and hold the reset button that you use to reset your trip meter. Just toggle through until you have the oil live indicated on the LED. Press and hold for about 10 seconds, it will start to blink, then press and hold again until it resets to 100. Your manual covers this as well.

It means is that you are near or at the mileage for a scheduled service. For example around 10000, 30000, 50000...etc. You can easily reset it yourself: Turn the car off...with your left hand hold in the Trip Meter Button and start the car with your right hand. Keep holding in the button until the light goes off and you will be good to go! I got that trick from the Honda Dealership where I bought my car, and it does work.

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It is in the passenger compartment fuse block.

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on top of the air filter box. should be labeled clearly

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