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Speed Sensor location/'91 Accord EXThis was hard to find for me too. I've only owned this car since 3-29-07 and the flashing green "S" and intermittent spedometer was driving me nuts,(it's like the blinkers always on). Standing by the right front tire with a flashlight, look under the air cleaner hose about halfway down into the engine compartment on the backside of the engine/transmission. Besides being hidden under and behind stuff, it's camoflauged by the sensor plug directly on top of it,(which on mine is mounted on a metal bracket held in place by one of the two bolts holding the sensor down to the transmission),and wires. The plug is attached to the bracket on the firewall side so after depressing the clip the engine side of the plug is the side that pulls free. A 12" extension and a 6" extension combined made removing the two bolts fairly easy but you're working kind of blind so I used a telescoping magnet as well so the 10mm bolts don't drop into oblivion. The Philips head screws hold the speed sensor/pulsar together and don't need removing until off the car,(if at all). The two 10mm bolts are located east and west on the car. My Chilton's manual was useless as well as the guys at Orielly's for locating this part. I can't find the weblink that had the photo but it had an arrow pointing below the throttle plate, between the distributor and air cleaner hose looking from the front of the engine. I couldn't see it from there because of all the hoses and the angle. Once you've removed the two bolts and lift the sensor up, there is a drive pin that is about a 3/4" in length that you need to be careful not to lose. The bottom half is slotted and the top half is square. Mine was held in place by what appeared to be hardened black grease which was also inside the sensor after removing the 3 Philips screws. There's a little spring inside the sensor you want to be careful not to lose either. I don't know if the grease is a particular type of grease but I removed the hardened grease and replaced it with some dialectic grease I had handy. This didn't fix the problem but may have helped. At 120 bucks I can guesstimate my speed for awhile. I'm not recommending taking the pulsar apart as replacing it is the thing to do. I personally would rather fix something than replace it. Besides, cleaning it up and plugging it back in could be enough to cause it to start working again.
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Q: Where is the speed sensor located on a 1991 Honda Accord?
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