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Where is the speed sensor on a 4-cylinder '87 Fiero?

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You will see it screwed right in there in the top of the tranny with 2 wires coming off. It's a pretty large sensor so it's fairly obvious. Just run into any AdvanceAuto Parts store and check out the Haynes manual for a Fiero. It's in there. You should a manual already if you own a Fiero or you should get one! ;-)

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How much does an 87 fiero gt weigh?

http://home.xnet.com/~paulv/MajorSpecs.htm Fiero Specs!!! 87 GT 2,708 pounds.

What is the stock horsepower of a 1985 Pontiac Fiero?

what is the smog and vaccum diagram for the 87 Pontiac fiero 2.5L 4 cylinder what is the smog and vaccum diagram for the 87 Pontiac fiero 2.5L 4 cylinder

Where is the vehicle speed sensor on a '87 Nissan Sentra?

its usually on the transmission but im not entirely sure which sensor it is

Where is the speed sensor located on an 87 suburban?

it should be on the side of your tranny towards the tail end

Are the valves hydraulic on the 87 Pontiac fiero?

I believe all were hydraulic.....

What could be the cause of my enigne idleing to high on a 87 fiero gt?

You probably have a cracked EGR tube The Fiero Store has replacements Google them

Where is the MAT sensor located on the 87 fiero GT 2.8?

it sits on the intake manifold on the right side looking at the car from the rear..its a black plastic looking box, attached directly to the intake.

Where is the horn relay on an 87 Fiero?

In the passenger cabin, under the dashboard on the passenger side.

Where is the vehicle speed sensor in a Chevy S 10?

On 87 and 88 s10 the speed sensor or vss is under the dash atached to a bracket it is a blue box about 3 inches square. It is not on the tail shaft or t-case on a 4x4

Where is the release for the fuel tank door on an 87 Fiero?

It is behind the drivers head back wall by door opening

Will the transmission from an 84 fiero fit a 87 fiero?

Physically, yes. GM's drivetrain are highly swapable. But there can be lots of differences. I'm assuming you are pulling "x" tranny out of an 84 to put in a 87 that had "x" tranny. Not pulling an "x" tranny out of an 84 to put in an 87 that had a "y" tranny. The devil's in the details. Flywheels might not be the same. Most auto part places have the info and will glad to help.

Who are the four fastest tight ends in nfl and what are their speeds?

Kevin Boss speed 91 Vernon Davis speed 90 greg olsen speed 87 Dallas Clark speed 87

What is the spark plug gap for an 1988 fiero?

I know that a 87 fiero gt has a .045 gap. It should but on the under side of the engine compartment hood on a little sticker. Good luck. The 2.5L Iron Duke has a gap rating of .060

How much gas will an 87 fiero hold?

one manual that Ive got says 10.3 gallons and one that says 12 gallons.

Oil pan Pontiac fiero gt 87?

Yes, it has an oil pan. 85-early 87 pans are all the same. mid 87 - 88 pans are different. Timing covers and front engine mount brackets changed when the pans changed as well.

Horsepower does a 87 fiero have?

the 2.8L V6 will have 150 HP & 170 lb/ft TQ The 2.5 L4 will have about 105HP & 120 lb/ft TQ

My 87 fiero shifts pretty hard is there a lube you can get and where do you put it?

if its slipping it may be going out or just needs a full trany service. you can get all the stuff at napa

Where is the crank position sensor on a 87 Grand National?

on the harmonic balancer in the front of the motor it's a little window sensor

What ohm reading should your speedometer sensor read in your 87 fiero?

General consensus is that the actual reading is less important than it has continuity and is not shorted to the housing. If you have a meter that will measure Hertz at 40 to 45 mph it should produce 60 hertz just like a North American wall outlet in the house.

What is 87 kilometer in one hour?

It's a verbose description of a speed of 87 kph, or about 54.1 mph. (rounded)

What causes an 87 jeep Cherokee pioneer with 4.0 6 cylinder and auto trans to stall when stopping and cut out at highway speed?

I have had a similar problem in the past, and found it to be the TPS ( throttle position sensor)

What is the average slapshot speed in the NHL?

The average slapshot speed in the NHL is approximately 87 mph.

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