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on the tail shaft of the transfer case does this sensor on the tail shaft screw in with the plug on the end of it, or does this sensor have a bracket that bolts on? On all Chevy's there are 4, one on each wheel(if its 4 wheel disc) Only on Fronts brakes if you have rear drums there are no speed sensors.

They can be found on the hubs, behind the rotors. As they read wheel speed through a magnetic field produced by a magnet on the hub guaging off a notched metal ring on the front drive shafts or inner side of rotors. The VSS or Variable Speed Sensor, is an Electrical pulse sensor that sends a signal to the DRAC (Digital Ratio Adapter Control) informing it of the vehicles speed. From there signals are sent to the Power Train Control Module, and to the Cruise Control. If your Speedometer is not working, 99% of the time its caused by a defective VSS. On 2WD models, the VSS is located on the tailshaft of the Transmission, drivers side. On 4WD models, the VSS is located on the tailshaft of the Transfer Case, drivers side. You will need a 1" socket to remove the sensor. The ABS Wheel Sensors are NOT related to Speedometer issues. And NOT ALL Chevys S-10 models have ABS (Anti Brakeing System), at least my 1991 S-10 Blazer 4WD does not. The ABS Wheel Sensors only apply to models that have an ABS system. The ABS wheel sensors simply supply information about individual wheel speed to the ABS control module for braking control. Anti-lock brakes are designed to prevent skidding and help drivers maintain steering control during an emergency stopping situation.

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Q: Where is the speed sensor on a Chevy S-10 Blazer 4-wheel drive with overdrive?
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there are many things that could potentially be wrong with your case. can u engage your 4wheel?

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Check the owner's manual.

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Haynes makes a manual with the wiring schematic for the O2 sensor on a 1991 Chevy Blazer S10. The manual can be found at most book stores.

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There is no adjustment to my knowledge.

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