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the sensor is located in the differential housing on the back of the transmission. (this is the speedomoter sensor, it is in the housing that the pass axle shaft slides into) For the 3.3/3.8L, it is near the bell-housing facing the firewall, as it senses the magnets that are on the torque converter when it spins. (that is the engine speed crank position sensor)

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Q: Where is the speedometer sensor in a 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager?
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Where is the camshaft sensor on a 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.0?

It is inside the distibutor.

Where is the Cam sensor on a 1995 Plymouth 3.0 Grand voyager?

It is inside the distributor.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

It is screwed into the exhaust behind the engine.

What is the price for a engine fan temp sensor for 1998 Plymouth grand voyager?

$50.00 to $70.00

What do Americans call the Chrysler grand voyager?

The Plymouth Grand Voyager.

Where is the intake air temperature sensor on a 1999 Plymouth grand voyager?

on driver side intake manifold

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behind the motor, on top of the exhaust.

Where is the input speed sensor on a 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

The input speed sensor is the two wire sensor on the front of the transmission case closest to the engine.

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lacing windshield fluid reseroir on 198 plymouth grand voyager

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On a 3.3 or 3.8 you may have to remove the wiper cowling to access.

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Loss of Camshaft or Crankshaft sensor read at the PCM.

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It doesn't, a 1996 Plymouth Voyager does not have a cabin filter.

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The 1987 Plymouth Voyager weighs in at about 3,305 pounds. The 1987 Plymouth Grand Voyager weighs right around 3,531 pounds.

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Would an automatic transmission for a 2001 Plymouth Voyager fit a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

yes of course you can people

Is there a fuel shutoff on a 1992 Plymouth grand voyager?


Would an automatic transmission for a 1996 Plymouth Voyager fit a 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 3.8L with overdrive?

Hollander interchange says no The sensor and switch plugs are different, and they use completely different style range sensors.

Why no spark on 1997 Grand Voyager 30 engine?

Check the crankshaft sensor. If the sensor on the Grand Voyager is bad then there wont be any spark.

What s the difference between a Plymouth grand voyager 1999 and a Plymouth voyager 1996?

The Gran Voyager has more bells and whistles added to the vehicle as to a Voyager and with the year difference, advanced technology.

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What is a TCM on a Plymouth Grand Voyager?

Transmission control module.

Where does the camshaft position sensor go in a 97 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.0 engine?

The camshaft position sensor for the 3.0L V-6 engine is located in the distributor. Good Luck!

Will a bad thermostat temp sensor cause a 1997 Plymouth grand voyager to overheat?

A bad thermostat can cause an overheat. A bad temp sensor can show an overheat when the temperature is normal.